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New Jersey Politics

I apologize ahead of time if this is inappropriate for The Pit but I thought it better here than in the main forums. If it was a mistake to post this in this particular subforum please feel free to lock/move it.

I recently registered to vote for the purpose of participating in the Presidential Primaries and 2008 Election. Now that I am registered it makes sense to at least read up on the issues, candidates, and politics of elections and voting on a more local scale even if I don't end up participating I feel I should do some research and see if maybe there is something that will suck me in. That is where this thread comes in.

I am from New Jersey, Bergen County. Now I know the chances of there being people from my immediate area that knows where I can find election/voting resources are slim but I figured there might be someone who could point me in the right direction in terms of NJ overall and maybe that will lead me to more localized resources.

Basically I am looking for a place I can go to read about what elections and votes are taking place, when they are, exactly what is being voted on, what candidates are running and for what and as much information as I can get on their current and past involvement in politics. Maybe something such as this is not available online or in one nifty location but any information or tips you all could provide me would be much appreicated.

The Newbie Voter

edit: I figure Ill just update my first post as I find information and if other people want to post links/resources for other states/counties Ill try to organize it all in the first post. I know it is going to start as very specific to my location and be only a resource for myself and maybe a handful of other people but add information and Ill try to keep it updated and maybe we can end up covering a large number of locations. Also I am going to put everything under as a sub category of USA and we can build a database of national resources for politics and elections as well.

Yellow text is something copied and pasted from the website, usually the "About" section.
White text is something I added on top of or in lieu of.

United States
Our mission is to provide non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election, so that votes can be based on issues rather than on personalities and popularity. We get our information daily from newspapers, speeches, press releases, and the Internet -- it is a labor-intensive process that requires countless volunteer hours.
A VERY good resource for those wishing to research a large number of candidates.
New Jersey
New Jersey Voter Information is a non-profit, non-partisan website about elections and public affairs issues affecting New Jersey. It is published by the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and pursues the mission of the Institute to encourage participation in and understanding of the political and electoral process.

Since our launch on February 1, 2000, has quickly become a fixture of politics and government in New Jersey for people who want current and reliable information about campaigns, elections and politicians in the Garden State.
Pretty much a blog.
Blue Jersey is a blog about New Jersey politics, written by over a dozen New Jersey residents. While we all have different political views and opinions, we generally consider ourselves to be progressives. However, we welcome guests of all political views, as long as they engage in respectful dialog.

Bergen County
How often have you started your day asking a colleague if they read that day's Record? Hey, if only you had a nickel, right??? For years, those in Bergen County politics have had only one county-wide source for political information. And it isn't a source dedicated to politics. That's why we started Inside Bergen.
Bergen County GOP website.

Bergen Grassroots is an organization of Northern New Jersey residents who have joined forces with one fundamental goal: to restore America’s democratic ideals.


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The Pit's as good a place as any (on genmay) to ask where to go for information on politics. I personally can't recommend any good sources, but I'm sure plenty of others will. I'll leave this open for information purposes, you can't be the only person in the Pit who could use the information you're looking for.

Thread rule: no partisan politics. It's okay to call into question a site's accuracy (they might unfairly represent one candidate or party) but I don't want this thread to devolve into bickering. It might make for a good reference if we can keep it somewhat orderly.
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Large update, please feel free to contribute information to this project. If possible please include some description of a website you are linking either right out of their self description or a little something you wrote yourself. Color coding it as I have (yellow for copy paste, white for your own words) will help to keep this organized.
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