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WTT Samsumg Q1 Ultra for laptop/console system

I foolishly bought a Samsung Q1 Ultra over a year ago thinking I would "use the shit out of it" Well I've used it maybe 3 or 4 times and only taken it on trips about twice for use on the plane. So I'd like to trade it for something I would use. Specs are as follows.

Samsung Q1 Ultra Tablet PC
600mhz Celeron processor
1gb ram
7" touch screen LCD
Wireless B/G, and a free PCI express mini slot
2 batteries
2 power supplies
Slip case
It has a windows xp license under the battery but currently it's running the windows 7 beta and I've run ubuntu on it as well. All drivers are available online, I can restore it to XP if you'd like but it'll take a day or two.

What I'm looking for is a laptop, something in the 12-13" range, preferably sata hard drive, MUST have a pc card slot (pcmcia).

Or a PS3 or Xbox 360 with HDMI port.

Pm me if interested, or if you have any questions, thanks.

Hueg pic i know, about to go to bed so deal with it
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Black Box
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how does windows 7 run on it?
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Fine for intarweb surfing, I played wow on it once just for shits and giggles, the latency was fucking TERRIBLE. On top of being a celeron with only 1gb of ram and a 40gb 1.8" hard drive i was on a cell connection lawl.

It works great for internet surfing, you can stream sd video from like hulu no prob, no go on HD video.
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Guess ill open it up to any interesting trades before I hit the ol craigslist and the bay of e.
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