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Thinking about girls other than my GF while pleasuring myself

Does anyone else do this? I feel like I'm a bit odd. I have been with my girlfriend for about a year and a half. She is tiny, petite, with great curves, a perfect ass, and the best rack I have ever seen. I love having sex with her, she gives me everything I could ever want in bed.

But I find that when I jerk off, I never think about her. I need to think about other girls to get me off. I typically think about women I have dated in the past. One girl I hooked up with in summer 2010. We met online, hung out for a week or so, made out on her couch and she gave me a hand job. She moved away but we hooked up again the following summer when she visited for a month. It wasn't anything big. We made out on her couch and then on her bed and she gave me a handjob again. I sucked on her nipples a bit, but that was it. She was a sweet girl, but a bit chunky and wasn't in town long. She hasn't been back since.

The other girl I met online in November 2011. We actually went to high school together for a year. We started chatting online and eventually texting. We chatted on MSN messenger one night and it got pretty risqué. She sent me a picture of her ass in a thong, and then a video of her rubbing her tits together. We talked about what we would do to each other when we met up. She asked if I would suck her nipples and finger her hard. She also told me she would suck my cock better than anyone ever would. I remember her telling me that if she was wearing leggings when I picked her up, it meant that she wasn't wearing panties. Although I hoped it would, nothing happened the night we went out. I just wasn't feeling it. But we kept texting each other off. and on. We always made plans to meet up but never would. When we finally did again, we went for a drive and sat in a parking lot. She had been mentioning a new bra and I asked about it. She put my hand up on her chest so I could feel it. It felt great. We ended up back at my place but she didn't want to do anything. I tried to kiss her and put my hands on her waist but she said she wouldn't kiss me until I dropped her off. When I did drop her off we kissed for a long time, she had fantastic lips. I wished they were wrapped around my cock instead of pressed against my lips. Nothing else ever happened with her. She got pregnant right around the time we met up (thankfully I didn't sleep with her). I still talk to her every once in a while. I imagine what it would have been like if I had been able to fuck her that night. But she too is a little chunky. But not ugly, just overweight.

So when I masturbate, I usually think of these other girls, not my very attractive girlfriend. Does anyone else not think about their girlfriend when jerking off? Maybe I'm weird, just doesn't get me going. Interested to know.
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The Heart Wants What It Wants

Have you ever heard of Occam's Razor? It's this principle that says the male human mind has no need to fantasize about reality. I only fantasize about my girlfriend while I'm fucking her. That about gets it.
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This is a 100% normal. My GF is fantastic in the sack but when I need to crank one out, the porn comes out, and she knows it. It's just how we're built.
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I should have known that.
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I find it a bit strange if you DO clean your pipes to your s/o. Porn, or other chicks you know irl. Just don't act upon those urges. Cheating is cheating, but not when you keep that shit up in your head. And FFS, dont confess that shit to her and make her feel self-conscious, or that you're no longer attracted to her.
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