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It might do you well to get over the pubic hair issue. It's just hair, having a little in your mouth is fine if you make your loved one feel good. That said, if she's not into cunninglingus much, don't worry about it, I suppose.

Oh, and hi sn33k. My, they grow up so fast.
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is she a Catholic?
Old 09-18-2005, 09:10 PM cdscrazyman16 is offline  
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Wow, she sounds really, really uncomfortable with her body. Is she uncomfortable with being naked outside of bed or with wearing revealing clothing?
Old 09-18-2005, 10:03 PM BethComesFromAbove is offline  
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you're going to need to be patient and talk to her. lead by example. ask her her fantasies and act them out for her.

if it were me, though, i'd have started fucking her sister.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I've got a lot to go on.

Have you two ever showered together? If not, would she?
Nope, I'll ask her tomorrow.

First of all, how sexually experienced is she? It sounds like you're her first, which honestly means it might take more than 6 months for her to get comfortable with everything. Sorry, but those are the facts of life.
I'm her first. We're both 18.

is she a Catholic?
No, but her mother is very condescending when ever she talks her. "Don't eat that, you'll get fat!"

Oh, and hi sn33k. My, they grow up so fast.

Also, I honestly dont know what girl doesn't want to take care of her pubic hair unless she's too overweight, or is too self concious of her body for some reason (weight, leg attributes, stomach) to wear a bikini bottom, so I assume she's in one of those two catagories.
She is probably skinnier than me and looks great in a bikini. This is why I don't understand why she doesn't want to do it.
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I agree with blue chip on the "this whole situation sounds miserable tip".
That would make me feel like crap if the girl didn't at least try to let me make her come through intercourse (lol intercourse does anyone actually say that word in casual conversation? No? Well we should damn it!). Good call whoever suggested watching porn with her.
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FYI, people had sex before pubic trimming was in vogue.

And it's painful.
Old 09-19-2005, 02:06 AM ieyeasu is offline  
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Originally Posted by JohnnyBeagle View Post
Hey guys and girls,

Sex has become boring because it is so structured. First, she wants me to finger her until she comes. Then, we do missionary until I come, then we sleep. Here are my problems:

1) She doesn't want to do head (she says it's not that she doesn't love me, rather that she's not ready). I've never had head before so naturally I want to experience it. How can I persuade her that it's not such a bad thing?

2) I've gone down on her a few times when she is drunk but she doesn't want me down there when she is sober because she must be self concious. Another thing we have troubles with is public hair. It's a jungle. I ask her to shave and she says that she will, but she never has and we've been together six months. How can I persuade her that it's not such a bad thing? This afternoon she was working and I brought it up in a message. She responded with "I told u 2 stop mentioning that or it mite not ever happen".

3) So far we've tried doggy and some other positions a few times but she doesn't like anything other than missionary. How can I get her to be more confortable about her body and about trying new things?

I ask her about these things and she always procastinates. How can I stress that they are important to me without sounding presenting a ultimatum and sounding like an asshole. We've been together six months so I obviously care about her and don't want to come off the wrong way.

If you want to get your partner to try new things try a sex game, specifically Chicken: The Adult Sex Game. It's available in GooglePlay and Amazon. This game was designed to get your partner to try new things. Best part is you don't have to go into a store to buy it. I invented it and tried it on my wife. Good times.
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Oh lawd
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Don't be a dick and listen to her. Women have attitude sometimes :P
Old 03-12-2014, 07:05 PM Anuextreme117 is offline  
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Cocaine helps. Try rubbing cocaine on your genitals b4 intercourse
Old 09-24-2015, 04:19 PM Bigbob is offline  
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I think a good talk might help - like asking her if she is afraid or really does not want to try something new - like what is the point for her - and also talk about the thing you want to try - best to get them.
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