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I will present the traditional Chinese and Indian medicine point of view on your symptoms.

In terms of Chinese medicine, you are exhibiting symptoms of Spleen Yang Deficiency (basically, cold spleen). This deficiency manifests as weakened digestion and cold hands and feet.
The dietary treatment is to have warm foods and beverages and avoid cooling ones. Stews, soups, meat (especially red) and black tea (green tea is cooling even if you have it hot) are warming. Alcohol is warming, but avoid excessively chilled beer. Use lot of hot spices on your food, such as chili, black pepper, ginger or cinnamon. Sweets and pastries are cooling.
The herbal treatment is to take ginger, licorice, ginseng and baizhu in some form. It would be the best if you could go to your local China town and ask in a herbal shop if they have the "Fu Li Zhong Wan" or "Regulate the Middle Pill". You can also order it online. This formula is exactly for the symptoms you are describing: stomach pains, chills etc. It basically makes you warm, gives you vitality and improves digestion. One package of pills is $5 and one pill contains all the herbs I mentioned above. It is coated in honey and tastes sweet. Take one pill in the morning and one in the evening until the issue goes away.

In terms of Indian medicine, your issue is aggravated vata (air) element in your body. Aggravated vata will mess up your digestion, make you experience cold, dryness, dehydration and emaciation.
The dietary treatment is to have warm and oily meals (hot soup with olive oil, potatoes with butter, hot milk etc) and and avoid cold and dry foods (rice crackers, cold beverages, salads etc).
The herbal treatment is to take ashwagandha (winter cherry) and ginger either in tablets or as a tea, once in the morning and once in the evening until the issue goes away. Ginger warms you and improves digestion, ashwagandha gives you vitality. You can alternatively replace the ashwagandha with ginseng.

As you can see the approaches differ slightly but it is only a different way of looking at the same issue.
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