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Games Forum Rules (Updated 12/18/09)

Games Forum Rules
General Rules:

All General Forum rules apply here as well as the following;

No Sniping
No Trolling
No acting like a
Try and Keep all discussion relevant and on topic. I understand that there are fanboys out there that will butt heads, and i'm all for a good argument, but just don't act like a 12 year old while you do it.
ALL content must be safe for work.
As always, Discussion of No-CD cracks and emulation is fine. You may not discuss where to download ROMS.
No selling of CD-Keys or software/hardware allowed. Take it to D&S.
Do not make threads asking for help in a certain point in a game or for cheat codes for a game. That is what is for.

If you see something that you feel needs moderator intervention and hasn't been noticed yet, please feel free to contact one of the Mods to look into it.

Edit by d4rkspike: Im serious about the flaming, its gotten out of hand. The games forum is for mature conversations and debates. Flamers will have their posts edited, and be removed for however many days we see fit.

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"Official" threads and you.

Hi, new management speaking

If you have a piece of information pretaining to a game that is coming out in the near future, or if you feel that you have the resources to make a new thread, Please...

SEARCH the first few pages of the forum to see if you can find an "Official" thread on the title you're interested in posting about. If you dont see a thread about that game, you're more than welcome to make a seperate thread. Until you dont see it, however, It needs to be put in the official thread.

No one is going to call you a (and get away with it) for asking a question twice in an official thread. However, making a second thread when its already been asked in the official thread is a move.

We dont need:

Official Duke Nukem Forever thread

etc. cluttering up the forum.

I think this is a perfectly fair and reasonable rule to be put in place. Look before you post. Its not hard to do.

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This thread has been bumped to emphasize basic games forum rules, which everyone that contributes to this sub forum is expected to follow.
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Most will agree when I say half my posts arent worth reading.

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