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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Most reliable german car maker

is not surprisingly BMW.

BMW Group has achieved top honours in a recent study by the German car club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club (ADAC) also known as the third largest automobile club in the world in a recent reliability survey.


What was surprising to me is which BMW specifically has been THE most reliable: go ahead and guess.


It was....

The X3

BMW X3 has finished first in the ADAC quality ranking for the second time in a row. ... What it basically means is that the BMW X3 is the most reliable car that can be found on the roads in Germany


Here's the catch though. This isn't the same X3 we get from South Carolina; these ones are made in Austria plus this little tid bit:

The most popular BMW X3 model in Germany is the xDrive20d, powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine with all-aluminum crankcase and common rail direct injection. It outputs 177 hp and takes full advantage of BMWs EfficientDynamics technology, therefore, offering an impressive 37 MPG driving range.
Why DON'T they offer that here? Sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, I keep hearing all this and that about "new" BMWs and how they've slid down the hill, but their small stuff from the past few years seems pretty solid.

Top four places were x3, 3 series, 1 series and the MINI. Sounds to me like they did okay, monopolizing the podium and then some.

How do these german findings stack up against our interest: you decide. For example most mercedes cars we get are made in mexico afaik but probably not any better than the german ones our X3/X5 are made by someone named "Hank" and we only get the gassers. We do get the 1+3 series and the MINI, so I guess if you're in the market for one don't let the hear-say stop you.

I felt like posting this, after finding this myself. A girl had called me asking about a MINI. I knew they were decent, but i wanted to find something behind that. So I did, and told her to get a PPI either way.
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The 335d is here now; the rest shall follow soon...!
Das Auto.
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Originally Posted by VanFanel View Post
The 335d is here now; the rest shall follow soon...!

Fuck, if BMW would just bring the 320d over here... 57mpg on the EU test. Autoblog says it has a 0.26 Cd; compare that with the Prius, which Toyota specs state has a 0.25 Cd.
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Isn't this sort of like the award for the most functional guy in the special olympics?
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Originally Posted by mekilljoydammit View Post
Isn't this sort of like the award for the most functional guy in the special olympics?

Well played.

Agreed on the diesels. The MPG is pretty sexy.
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let me guess... the German one?

Americans don't like diesels and station wagons so ze germans don't bring many here. You can't even get an S4 avant (wagon) in the states anymore.

If they would just start bringing more of the nice new diesels over here and beating americans over the head with their benefits they might sell more. Most americans still think diesel has to sound and feel like an old truck motor.
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Imperial gallons or US gallons?
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That's like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.
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i honestly thought it was vw
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So, the most reliable German car is one made in Spartanburg, South Carolina? All F25 X3's are made in the US.
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Intentional logical fallacies.
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Get this shit out of here. If I wanted to watch you jerk off I'd already have a camera in your bedroom.
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lol wth. i thought the 3 series had the fuel pump recall issue...
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I was gonna guess BMW as well....just going by personal experience with VW in the past and an older sister that bought a brand new loaded Mercedes E500 a few years ago. That thing has been been nothing but problems..including a show stopping air suspension collapse.
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