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Pressure washer options

I'm looking at getting a pressure washer with my income tax refund. Basically i've narrowed it down to a couple of options.


I like the more expensive one because it has a honda engine and an extra nozzle tip. how reliable are briggs and straton engines? When I've used them on cheap lawnmower, they only seem to last 1-2 years.
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digital matt
both look nice.

my father has a washer with a briggs and straton, runs great. you have to keep up on the oil changes and filter replacements. also, make sure you drain the water in the pump if you are storing it somewhere that it can freeze. iirc, the warranty does not cover pump replacement due to freezing water cracking the case.
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I have a troy bilt 3700 psi that's about 7-8 years old now. Runs a briggs 15hp if I'm not mistaken.

Every time I use it, something goes wrong. Whether it's an o-ring (a single o ring failure anywhere in the system will cause it to not suck cleaner solution) or the carb needing to be replaced.

Maybe it's because I run industrial bleach and brown stuff through it. I'm sure that shit is hell on the o-rings.
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The Spyder
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Both of those are considered throw away units. Once the pump breaks or the motor fails, the replacement parts cost as much as the entire unit. This is very common, search craigslist for "broken pressure washers" and you will find units just like pictured. Not only are these proned to failure, but also massively underpowered. The HP rating are straight lies and the PSI not nearly as important as the GPM (gallon per minute).

A good unit will have a Honda GX series motor ( ex: GX250) around 5hp - 13hp and a pump from Landa, CAT, or AR. You should find a pump that will move 2.7-4gpm. These are out of your price range new, but a used one off craigslist will easily fall in to that price and last years longer. Replacement parts are readily available from any local pump supply house.

Proper care is key to a pressure washer lasting. After every season, the pump needs to be drained, oil changed, and motor serviced. The motor should be ran dry (turn fuel off or run until empty. Never run your pressure washer without the watersupply connected. Drain all water from the hoses and nozzle.

Hope this helps.
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Thermo1223's Avatar
As Spyder said the vertical units are throw away.

I currently have one and it ticks something awful, but it's not the engine so I can only assume it's the pump.

When I do have to purchase a new one it will be a horizontal driven unit, they have better pumps and will last much longer. New or used depending on what I can afford.

Another reason IMO to not buy a vertical one is what happened to mine. The aluminum outpipe got snapped clean off when wheeling it through the yard(caught a tree root). That was over $100 in parts to fix, another $200 and I could have bought a new one but I couldn't justify it at the time seeing as how it still worked otherwise.

IMO get a used horizontal one if you can stomach that.
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