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tie rod replacement

Bought a 97 civic needs tie rods (might remember last thread, no need to bring that up again).

The place I got an estimate at just said I need new tie rods, I got quoted $102 for both the outers (that price includes both) and $62 for the inners. The guy actually suggested buying them somewhere else and they would put them on for me to save money.

Upon looking up the parts it seems I have the option to buy a boot or a tie rod end. I was wondering do I need to buy both (the guy never mentioned a boot) or does the end already include that? I tried google and it was no help.
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New tie rods usually come with boots. You can also buy the boots in case they have ripped. For places like rockauto you can call and check with them if the tie rods come with boots
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crumbaker's Avatar im looking at buying these from autozone tomorrow, would I need a boot as well?
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well shit
if you're buying them from autozoo, just check and see if they have boots before you leave

edit: also, because you had the cookies that led to your car, you saw the part number and specific tie rod, no one else will with that link
give a part number
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oops didn't think about that, here's the numbers. Just making sure this is everything I need before I bring them the parts. Haven't done many repairs on cars.
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