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C & D (more D than C)
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D15 > LS1
B. "I am moderately religious, meaning I believe in one of the recognized faiths but practice infrequently and have some views that are different than my clergy. That said I stay the path far more than I stray. I believe my faith's religious manual to be inspired by divine right or a power greater than humanity."

Catholic, very liberal catholic anyway...I disagree with the church's official stance on a great deal of topics.


I believe my faith's religious manual to be inspired by divine right or a power greater than humanity
not really at all (divine right)
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So stupid, I need help with iTunes. Thanks McFatter!
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B. Catholic
Science does not attempt to disprove God's existence, it attempts to explain his work. - ZangMonkey
Thanks to Sanjay for letting me back in.
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F, I am confident there is no God.
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F - Of course there's more to it, as one term (much less a single letter) cannot possibly explain the entirety of my thoughts on the matter.

I don't have a positive belief in any god. I don't deny the possibility that there is some other being who's smarter or better than any human. I have listened to lots of people tell me about their gods. I've rejected them all. If I hear about a god which makes sense, I'll consider it.

For instance - A few years ago I dated a great lady who happened to be an ordained christian minister and a professor at a divinity school. She wasn't convinced of Jesus' virgin birth, resurrection or divinity. The story of Jesus and what can be gleaned from it aside from the supernatural were enough to keep her interested. The only solidly definitive attribute to her god was something like, "The force for good within all humans" While I wouldn't see any need to worship or defer to her god, I do admit the possibility that it may exist to some extent. Though there have been quite a few humans I could name which show no evidence of such a thing, that lack of evidence is not proof of absence. I'm still not an agnostic.

Atheist/Theist and Agnostic are not really compatible terms. Gnosticism refers to knowledge while Theism refers to belief. One who calls himself agnostic says he doesn't possess the knowledge, but does he know wether he possesses the belief?

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Is it possible for a n00b to revive a dead thread?
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no1 sperminator
I'm an antitheist; to quote Christopher Hitchens, "I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful."
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F + I'm open to evidence of god. Haven't seen a shred of it, but I'm definitely open to the possibility
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<3 [M]onkeyanomaly95
I would have to go with C.
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F, because the supernatural is nonsense and agnosticism is an untenable position. Beside that, agnosticism is not an alternative to atheism (or theism), it is an epistemological position as to the possibility of obtaining knowledge about god (or the supernatural).
I want to make a summing up, brief and to the point, but thorough. I have never suppressed a word in my books out of regard for other people and their prejudices. - John Henry Mackay
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F. Although I changed my major I'm still a very scientific person, if you can't prove something it isn't worth my time.
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FM 2347
I am offended by the world isajeep.
Originally Posted by matt00926 View Post
Sounds like you a bitter

Yeah I am. When I did follow Christianity it gave me an excuse to be lazy and I feel like I was constantly fucked over in life by trying to follow what I heard and trying to "follow Jesus." Just kneel and pray and God will take care of it. Some girl doesn't want you, just pray and your heart will find your soulmate if you're patient. You said something "wrong" Jesus will forgive you. Fuck that shit. Also being in religion so long required me to unwire so much bullshit that was negatively impacting my life socially...and especially with women. Also when hanging out with friends I always felt guilty for drinking and having a good time. Feeling guilty all the fucking time is so bad your your system in my opinion. I don't walk around feeling guilty anymore thanks to the lack of religious influence in my life. I moved to a new place a few months ago and in the process I found a couple of bibles in my closet. Whenever I move I like to throw out as much shit as possible and the bibles went with it too.

I hate religion because I believe for myself that if I were still following it today my life would be absolutely miserable. Once I decided to leave it completely life has gotten much better for me. I'm making more money than ever before, doing more interesting things, getting into better shape, meeting more women, reading books I want instead of driving to church every Sunday and Wednesday listening to regurgitated bullshit about how this is wrong, this is right, prayer service, classes, abstaining from sex, submissiveness......makes me want to throw up.

When it comes to what I believe in I believe in myself. When people ask me about religion when it comes up that's my answer. God is not going to figure anything out for you. It's up to you to figure it out anyway you can.

Anyway, there ends my rant and again I will say that I am an F. I couldn't care less about the label but on my MySpace page I have "Athiest" as my "religion."

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I'd say around A-B for me
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B, but in between it and C. But more leaning toward B.
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