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*gets condom and ziplock*
*faps furiously*
*ties condom and places in ziplock*
*places in small box with packing shit*
*goes to PO and sends*
Intarweb married to fuzzybunny in vegas 7-26-05
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Originally Posted by flipside
Find your baby's Maury.

I'll be here when you wake up.
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post some more preggo pics and ill get right on it
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Butthole Eliminator
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r u serious?

u cannot be serious.

of u using the splooge!
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No titty for me.
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ummm STDs?

You think semen will be stopped at the border?
You should turn sigs off.
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Guaranteed preggo semen rubbing videos?
Someday you will die somehow and somethings going to steal your carbon
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Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > yuo, Augie > y
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Originally Posted by kudos
yuo cant b serios
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Originally Posted by dontcarekthx
Old 04-19-2005, 06:35 PM Mu is offline  

Fapmaster Flex
why not just have someone have sex with you?

dont you have a trusted male friend that you could ask? as a single (i guess) woman whos bearing a child, wouldnt you have the typical night in shining armor guy that is friend zoned?

this is the perfect task for him
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maybe you're just fat
I was originally Magus

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I know, I know, it's "veni," i get it.
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holy shit, i was all about but then....

well, honestly, i was never really all that about it. (i kinda don't know what i have and the liability that follows this kind of thing is a little over the top.)
mmm Döner.
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Jewish [M]other of [M]ayhem
Originally Posted by JoePits
wheres the daddy?
I don't know. The guy didn't write his UID on the bag last time I asked for sperm.
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This is one step above smashing on the keyboard.
This is one step above smashing on the keyboard.'s Avatar
ill do it, PM me your address and ill fucking do it...
Old 04-19-2005, 06:38 PM This is one step above smashing on the keyboard. is offline  


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