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Originally Posted by poopgoblin67 View Post
sorry cant help.
Can't help, but can spam!
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Originally Posted by Stereodude View Post
If it wasn't the R marking on them I'd say they're shielded inductors. Get out your multimeter and measure across them for resistance.
This. R36 means 3.6uH. And I can guarantee that they're not bad, because other components in the area will blow to pieces in spectacular fashion before an inductor fails.

Switching from AC to battery sounds like a bad power adapter, bad cable or DC power jack. Here's the scenario:

- Laptop is running from battery.
- Laptop sees DC voltage on its AC adapter input.
- Laptop switches its DC/DC converter input from battery to AC adapter input.
- When the laptop starts drawing current from the AC adapter input, the voltage on that input divebombs as a result of a fucked AC adapter, high resistance somewhere, etc.
- The laptop switches back to battery.
- Rinse and repeat.

To determine what the problem is, find another AC adapter and try it first. If it persists, since you've got the laptop apart, measure the resistances through the DC power jack.
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