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Wow man, if that happened to me I would be a wreck. I don't know what you should do, most of the advice here seems good. Try to be with loved ones the majority of the time, talk your feelings out, and just put your life on hold for a little bit to deal with these feelings properly and get over them before you do anything else. It's important to deal with them now instead of letting them fester for years.

I think if one of my parents or my girlfriend died like that... I would probably do like people here are saying but after that period of grief and reconciling with myself... I would want to go travel for a couple months to get things off my mind.
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Originally Posted by RiderOnTheStorm View Post
Even a hint of a flame in this thread and you get two months off.
I will make sure of this too.

OP - I haven't had the experience, but if you want to vent, IM me any time (PM me for AIM)
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I know when I've been super depressed, the only solution has been to find something to make myself do...go out with friends, go to a job, volunteer to help I pull myself out of the pits of being depressed. Therapy will help. Time will help.
Start now...because the trial in June might make things hard all over again and the more coping skills you have to use and can make yourself use, the better it will be.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. The grieve you feel must be immense. All I can say is that you should share your grief with your family. They are hurting as well. Just don't go through this alone.
we can pass the blues all night long, ain't nobody gonna overdose.
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My best friends dad was murdered while on a business trip in Nicaragua. The damn government there is so corrupt they had the man in custody and they had to let him out of the lockup on some stupid technicality. God knows where he is now. I was pretty upset myself. What seemed to help the most was remembering the good times you had with him. Couseling is not always the best option but time always helps. Just make sure your taking care of your health. physical as well as mental.
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