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Potty Mouth
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Weight Loss for the Obese

Having lurked around the Bone Closet, I've seen many threads about weight loss. Sometimes folks wondering why they cant lose weight, or why they're fat to begin with.

I too was one of those people several years ago, and could never seem to find "the answer". As such, I want to share my story in the hopes that it can help someone, even one person, lose weight and get their life back. In many ways, I want to write what I wish I had seen many years ago before I gained my weight and when I was trying so desprately to lose it.

Several years ago, I was over 300Lbs (5' 11"). I realized that I needed to lose weight and adopoted the following method / mentality, which to some may seem like common sense, by to my fat former self, was a completely different way ot approaching life.

As such, I would offer the following advise to others based on what worked for me.

1) Declare war on your fat. Get mad. YOU let yourself get into an ugly fat mess, now YOU need to take responsibility and do something about it. Each and every day, look into the mirror. Realize what YOU did to your body, and dedicate the rest of the day to changing it. Realize that you do in fact have the power to affect change over your body, and that with dedication, results will follow.

2) Admit that you don't know jack shit about proper portions / calories because if you did, you wouldnt be fat in the first place. Dont justify eating crap because it sounds healthy. I once convinced myself that eating Chicken McNuggers from McDonalds was healthy because it was "chicken". Stupid I know, but it's amazing how we can rationalize foods that we like as being okay, or "not that bad". Research EVERYTHING you put into your mouth. This means reading the Nutrition Panel on the packages / boxes of everything.

2) Break the association between pleasure and food. Aside from lack of physical activiry, you got fat because you:

a) Like eating.
b) Dont know the correct foods to eat.
c) Eat too much

This addresses "a". The easiest way to break the association between pleasure and food is to eat food that tastes like crap, has no flavor, or would otherwise be something that you probably never liked eating. Does fatty like eating pizza? Good, now you get to eat alphafa sprouts and rice cakes as your punishment for becoming a fat mess. You get the idea.

3) Cut out all sugars. This includes high fructose corn syrup (which is in my opion the devil of sugars). No sugar, no sugar free feel good substitute. Break the habit of enjoying sugar.

4) Drink only water. I dont care how much you like orange juice, diet soda, or whatever else you currenty drink or think it "okay". Until you lose your weight, it's water only. Drink lots of it. Reasearch how much water a person of your size / weight should actually consume on a daily basis. NOTE: This means no Alcohol or Caffeine as well. If water is too boring, try club soda.

5) Eat a ballanced diet. I lost over 150 pounds without "cutting carbs" or following any trendy diets. Eat sensibly. Dont start "rewarding" yourself with just a little piece of cake or any of that crap. This is a lifestyle change, and you're only making it harder for yourself by eating the foods that made you fat. It's like someone who's a recovering alcoholic rewarding themselves for not drinking by just having a "little" drink.

6) Excercise- If you dont like excercise, then dont complain that you're fat. I never liked excercising because I was a fat lazy fuck. In order not to be a fat lazy fuck, I had to excercise. Start out walking. Dont like walking? Then go buy a bra for your bitch tits and stop complaining. Start slowly. Walk 1 mile a day... then 2 miles... then 3 miles. Then decide to RUN for 1 block if that's all you can do. FEEL THE PAIN. The pain is the price you pay for letting yourself become a fat mess. Remember, it's your fault for becoming fat, and only YOU can make yourself thin. After you get comfortable running for 1 block, run for 2. It will become easier. Then run for 3 blocks, then 4. Set excercise goals- for instance: Run part of your walk from the big tree to the stop sign. Even if it's only 100 feet. It will become easier with repitition and you'll start to feel yourself building some stamina with is very rewarding.

Of course going to the gym and doing a full work out is a great idea, but if you're starting out very overweight, it can be very intimidating. I waited until I could work up to that point.

As far as the specifics of what worked for me, this is what I ate.

Breakfast- Plain, Quaker oatmeal. No sugar, no milk, no nothing. Plain bagles look healthy but can in fact contain up to 500 calories. The same with muffins. Bran muffins sound great, but many can contain 300 to 500 calories plus sugar. Just because something sounds healthy doesnt mean it is- do your research. Sometimes I'd eat a bowl of plain cheerios- dry. Once I started losing weight, I'd wet it a bit with some skim milk.

Snack- You dont need to snack. Snacking is like masturbation. It feels good, but you dont need to have your hand down your pants all day long. On days where I would be on the road, and would eat a late lunch due to my work schedule I would carry some snacks just in case. A good snack is:

Plain rice cakes... filling with only 20 to 30 calories and no sugar.
Fruit... in moderation due to sugar.
Cellery- Awesome. 0 Calories.
Popcorn- AIR POPPED and no butter.

Lunch- For lunch I'd have a 6 inch subway vegetable sandwhich on wheat. Be careful because some wheat / multi-grain breads sounds good for you, but are high in calories. Mayo is a no no, but salt / pepper or Mustard are great ways to season a sandwhich. Hot sauce (containing no high fructose corn syrup) is a great seasoning as well.

On other days, I'd have a salad with no dressing with maybe a small serving of turkey or chicken on the salad. Dressings are another no no. Plain vinegar is a good alternitive... or even hot sauce.

Dinner- Hard boiled egg whites, some fruit, turkey breast, chicken breast, PLAIN brown rice, salad... Any of that in moderation makes for a healthy dinner. Although high in fat, sometimes I'd have a small serving of reduced fat peanut butter of almonds to ensure I received enough protien for the day.

Once issue with this diet is that it lacks in dairy. I'd try to find some plain yogurt to eat from time to time and eat it in moderation.

Other things I did / would recommend are:

a good multi-vitimin
Tonlin CLA (which I truely believed helped reduce belly fat)
Green Tea extract (with high ECGC content) liquid added to bottled water.
and Chromium Picolinate.. about 400mg a day.
Not eating 4 hours before bedtime.
Walking / running about 5 miles a day.

Doing this, I lost an average of 25 pounds a month for the first 4 months for a total weight loss of 150 pounds in under 1 year and actually was accused by many of having gastric bypass surgery and / or lyposuction. The first several weeks were the hardest. After that, my appetite went way down and it wasnt so bad. Once a good percentage of the weight came off, I felt further motivated to get a personal trainer and get a program going in the gym to develope muscle and definition. A year and a half later, I've managed to keep 90 percent of the weight off having gained about 15 pounds (currently weigh 165). I no longer am as strick as I will now drink socially, and have an occasional fatty food.

I'll be the first to admit, I have no "real" knowledge of nutrition, suplements, or excercise and may be totally off base in some of what I've done. But I do know that it worked for me, and could also work for someone else if they have the desire and disaplin.
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sir tex
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It worked for you... but it sounds like you shocked your body into it and your metabolism is probably fucked to high hell because you went from eating 3500 (more?) calories a day to maybe 1500. But if you feel better, have more energy, and you're doing fine at the gym, then it must have worked for you.

Good job, good thread.
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I dunno about the specifics, but I like the no-nonsense unapologetic ideology that you subscribed to.
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I :plane: M|22

Sounds like you read and copy/pasted Tom Venuto. It works for some people, not for others. Glad it worked for you.
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You say eat a balanced diet, but to cut out sugars?

Sugars don't make you fat, FYI. High glycemic loads or diets with a high GI number don't make you fat either, calories do. High glycemic loads do cause a hunger spike when the insulin exits your blood IIRC, which to someone not prepared means eating more.

Also, CLA is overhyped crap, and yes you can eat 4 hours before bed, it's to say otherwise.

25 pounds a month is not healthy by any means, over 6 pounds a week means you were eating a 3000 calorie deficit every day
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Not a bad approach...I've done something similar. HOWEVER, I do think its not terrible to eat something "unhealthy" on occasion. For Easter I am going to enjoy dinner. Am I going to gorge myself until I explode? No...if you can maintain portions and stop yourself from going overboard then you can indulge occasionally. For many people if they don't they will end up binging and pounding down 5k calories worth of Snickers in one day.
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Here's what I got for running while fat (RWF):
No, it's not a kneecap.

A lifetime of pain and swollen joints due to Osgood Schlatter's disease. I had a knee surgeon tell me it was the largest calcium buildup he's ever seen. I can't even stretch my quads properly because it causes too much pain and swelling. If I could do it again, I'd have kept running to a minimum and used weightlifting to lose the initial weight.

I don't see what the big deal is. Losing and gaining weight is a very simple number equation, and I feel terrible for you OP, starving and punishing yourself. Have some self control, get a little exercise, and enjoy life.

PS, send me some of these 500 calorie plain bagels.
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