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Does anyone play Ingress (Google closed beta mobile game)

I started playing it this week and it's pretty damn fun! Sort of a virtual real life reality battle and geocaching mixed. I chose enlightened because they seem to be the under dogs and Orlando, FL seems to be filled with resistance.

Anyone else playing this at the moment?
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bah no iOS version yet. not that i even have an invite.
Old 02-02-2013, 06:00 PM aoeoae is online now  
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i fucked a 17 year old on my 21st birthday and this is all i got.
I got an invite somehow but I'm on WP8. Not likely we'll ever get it... It looked pretty cool though.
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Originally Posted by aoeoae View Post
bah no iOS version yet. not that i even have an invite.

Well it's a google game so would they even create an iOS version?
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