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Also Neo Geo mainly failed because the games were too expensive, I could stomach a high price tag for the system, but when games were like $150, that is what killed it.
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Genmay Art Gawd
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I can't really see how the Natal is going to work.

I realize the whole "move around like a tard" phase is in right now...but you know, the majority of the motion control games that are out kind of suck. The new Tony Hawk game for instance which is broken beyond repair...MOST games on the Wii are broken or don't work that well. Even something simple like golfing doesn't work just right on the Wii. I'm not sure how the Natal is going to track my full body accurately enough to play a snowboarding game or even an FPS.

Still, if the trend is leaning towards a full body immersion sort of thing, it will probably be time that I bow out of the hobby and find something new...give it back to the little bastard kids who are into that kind of shit.
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i agree

Originally Posted by Daishi View Post
They can get more sales by having all this motion sensing . Example : Wii.

It's here to stay, I think. Unfortunately.

I agree
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I don't see hardware upgrade for a while, maybe 2012 or later

Games already play in 1080 and have 5.1 sound, what more is needed? Accessories are likely but I don't see xbox720 out soon
Originally Posted by mattress
what is ?
//edit ... oh .. god ... i'm going to hell..
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