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someone else
Originally Posted by lollersk8s View Post

Bro I would not touch anything under year 2000, for one. The woman's car has to be the reliable one, and comfortable and i agree about not boring. Old american SUVs are out for that matter too. How bad are your winters?

If you can't find a good volvo get either an e46 328/330, or a Mazda3 or something and call it a day. BMW X3 is decent if you want a smaller suv. I've heard some really good things about volvo but it's model dependent. Some are very convoluted and hard to service, but overall a good design. XC 90 is good, and came out in 2003. What about those?

Um. The Americans tend to get the SUV thing down pretty well...And just because its older than 2000 doesn't mean it cant be reliable, or comfortable, or not boring.

Dope. Any reason you're not looking at the 00-01 Cherokees too? My 01's still chugging along, reliable as a motherfucker. About to cross 250k, but I just got a new job about 5 miles from my house so now 250k is going to take forever to get to :-(

Also, I'd open it up to any GC with the 4.0liter, the 4.7 was blah and the 318 is "ok".

You'd pay out the nose for a newest one, but I'd check the 4runner's too. The older ones have a bit more character and arent completely boring.

Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban. that fits all of your wishes, except a little boring. though I happen to find barreling down on someone when you're driving a tank makes life very fun. YMMV Dont expect more than 17-18 on the highway, but you probably arent getting much more than that in the cherokee anyways, haha.

The trailblazer was decent, and they are not expensive. Havent driven one, so no comment on boring.

I'd personally go with the BMW before the Audi, but you've got fairly extensive experience with the Audi, so thats probably no big deal.

Other than that, I've heard good things about some volvos and nothing but hate for others. The turbo 5's in some of those wagons were excellent, and I've heard a lot of good about the R cars. I'd just pick your models carefully. I had family with one of those... s60? sedans. The boxier one. Put about a billion miles on it until she went up to a Merc E-Class

Speaking of which, might be worth it to take a peak at the Merc station wagons. They seem to lose more value because, well, station wagon. haha.
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