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AION: 3.1 - Brings back PERMA rifting (pvp). Thoughts?


In AION: Truly Free, patch 3.1, they have re-implemented perma rifting on all servers but one. There will be a new server, level capped at 50, that keeps the rifting buffs in place so allow the PVE'ers a place to quest in peace.

AION 3.1 goes live in North America on July 18. Any former players, that left due to the nerfs on rift PVP, thinking about returning?

Personally, I'm loving that perma-rift PVP will return on all of the pre-existing servers.

Also to note: AION 3.5, which is currently undergoing the Westernization of the Korean game, that should be live on NA servers by December, will allow level 50-60 characters the ability to rift into the zones previously unavailable to high level PVP'ers.
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Meh... I played on a private server for a year and half. They never implemented the stupid rifting nerfs in the first place.

There's no way I'm going to play on retail servers now, even if they are free. The grind was unbearable at release, and it's still unbearable without private server-style modified xp curves.
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Can you give a quick explanation of what the game is? Never heard of it, but I love PVP.
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4000 fucking minutes? What are you, a fucking 13 year old girl? Pay your own damned bill and learn n
Originally Posted by Lasko View Post
Can you give a quick explanation of what the game is? Never heard of it, but I love PVP.

Quick... this is as quick as I can make it being the near 4 years of content.

Basically, it's a PVPVE game based on an Angels vs Demons vs Dragons lore. Starting tomorrow they are removing the "nerfs" that killed off PVP and allowing players to partake in full world PVPVE.

The lore of the Angels (Elyos) and Demons (Asmodians) is that they live on the remains of a planet (much like Earth) after a Cataclysmic event. Three parts of the world remain. Elysia is 1/3rd of the planet that is covered in sunlight. Asmodae is another 1/3rd that is surrounded by constant darkness. The Abyss is the "gateway" between the other 2 places.

Asmodians believe that the Elyos caused the Cataclysm while the Elyos believe the same of the Asmodians. So the is that you choose your side and you vow to destroy the opposing race.

In selected PVPVE zones (2-3 in each factions areas), "Rifts" will form that will allow you to zone into the opposing factions home world. There you can PVP against others looking for PVP or attack anyone that cons as an enemy. The players in that zone are all flagged for PVP even if they are just PVE'ing.

The endgame, right now, pretty much is fighting the opposing race and the Balaur (NPC's, the dragons of the lore) to take over fortresses. When you've taken over more fortresses than the opposing faction, different objectives open. World bosses spawn, different instances become available, special weapon and armor vendors spawn, etc.

As Mandres mentioned, the game is free to play. Not a hybrid, but 100% free. There is a cash shop for different items, but not having those items do not affect gameplay. He mentioned a Private Server and the "grind" of AION on the retail/live servers.

In the beginning, till about 2 years ago, AION was a tremendous grindfest. Since then, they have improved leveling 200%. The only grinds that you will find now are for things like extremely rare armor and weapons. Those items aren't super special other than it makes you feel like you've accomplished something for doing them. Most weapon/armor drops (gold & orange) are just as good or even better than the grind quest stuff. Crafted armor is starting to become better than everything else.

The private servers he mentioned are just that. They remove everything that the game is and it becomes a watered down PVP game where everyone has the same stats, weapons, armor, etc. They take out the fun stuff like actually earning what you have. Plus, the people you come across on the Private Servers are 99% trolls. With AION going Free to Play, the majority of private servers shut down because people would rather play the real game and not the watered down version.

The BIGGEST drawback of the game is the RNG. AION is known for having the worst RNG in game history. You have the ability to enhance your gear but with the bad RNG, you could spend months and your entire in-game savings, to max the stats out on just one piece. But, if you're like me, stuff like that doesn't matter as long as you're having fun.

The game, to me, is amazing. Breath taking scenery, realistic avatars, awesome looking armor and weapons (that you can skin to take the appearance of other items. Yes, WoW has something similar, but AION had it first :P )

They've added plenty of PVE stuff during the luls of PVP. Player housing that awards buffs to the owner of the house, mounts, pets that will loot, buff, feed you, different PVP arenas, etc.

Oh, I forgot to mention.. you can fly. So PVPVE in flight takes the game to a whole new level.

Here is the trailer:
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

(All trailer footage is actual, in-game video. Some of the footage is from the developers server and not all of it has been implemented on live servers. It's slowly being released in free expansions.)

It's available in North America at
In Europe at

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NC Fail...kinah spammers are back and can spam at level was level 10.

Several bugs have shown up and won't be fixed until Wednesday.

I have been playing Aion since Beta and with each update there are bugs that should have been corrected on the Test Server...or at least checked by the QA dept...if they even have one.

On Tiamat server population has seem to dropped about 25% since the update.

Sanctum used to have 50-60 players around this time of its 20-30
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oh who the fuck are we kidding no one gets b7'd around here.

anyway, any mmo deisgned by a fucking zipperhead is garbage.
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