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I don't disagree with you there, Stiler. I think throwing the aspect of "real danger" while playing an MMO can make it one of the better experiences in online gaming. My point is that MO is lacking in too many ways right off the bat to grab my attention enough to keep playing.

When I first logged in I thought the game reminded me of Oblivion but everything was to scale. Awesome! Then you try to toggle your mouse cursor for the first time and that system is so buggy and inconsistent that I became instantly frustrated. Sometimes you have to hit Z to toggle your mouse on/off. Sometimes you have to continually hold Z. Sometimes your cursor toggles without even realizing it until you try to do something else. To me, that's a game breaking system at it's most basic level.

I'm sure the game improves over time (and to be honest I'm not looking to hop into a new MMO anyway, I just thought I'd see what this game was about because I loved old UO so much) but giving a new player almost no sense of direction on what they should do or work towards is a huge mistake. Not to mention having an overly complicated skill and spell system that aren't explained beyond "you do stuff to gain skill in it, if you have been taught that skill...maybe..."

Even the YouTube videos of combat later in the game looks clunky and annoying. It's 2011, I would have been highly impressed with this game in maybe 2004. But by today's standards (no I'm not talking about WoW) it falls quite short.
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Originally Posted by Stiler View Post
New players are protected for a time when you make one.

On top of this, just like in UO, if you kill/steal from someone (and get caught stealing) you will be flagged, and open to be killed from anyone without penalty.
Also in towns, if you attack someone or steal, the guards will spawn and kill you if someone asks for them.

If you kill a certain number of people you turn red, once you are red you are insta-attacked in cities by guards and many non-pkers will kill you.

Being able to steal things is a player choice, it takes time to skill up and if you are caught stealing it becomes bad news for you quickly.

The point of the rpg, is to allow players the choice to play how they want.

MMO's have lost this aspect by far. Almost every mainstream mmo now you are ALWAYS mr. Goody two shoes (even if you are playing a different faction) you still play the role of the hero of your people/faction and help them.

Being able to be a "bad" player, to steal, kill others, etc is an option that MANY people love in single player rpgs and routinely take the role of, in games from clasasic rpgs like Fallout to newer ones like Mass Effect.

However in mmo's this has became a thing of the past, simply neglected or thought of as "bad."

I don't play those types of characters. I DO play the "mr. goody two shoes" in rpgs. I don't steal, I don't pk people.

However I LOVE the fact that those other people exist. Why? Because it creates a world that's 'more alive, more diverse, and creates unique situations.

When you come across a red player attacking someone, or a group, and you randomly join in and help stop the attack, there's something special there that you simply do not get in any other mmo.

When you play the "good guy" in games where EVERYONE else is that role, and are foced to be it, it becomes boring, and loses the entire aspect of it.

However when the world is open and there are people on both sides, the choices you make have a MUCH larger impact not only on the game for yourself, but other people.

When you have to actually trust people you play with, you form bonds and things that simply don't exist in most mmo's anymore. Knowing that someone helped you in the past, it creates a sense of trust.

Because of those kinds of things I still talk and play with people I met back in UO, because the nature of the game fostered a social aspect that many mmo's do not.

MO is much the same way.

I do admit, the game REALLY REALLY needs a much better tutorial/getting you into the world aspect for new players. It's quite daunting when you start. However if you give it time, at least a week of playing (not just half an hour, that' snot enough to make a choice imo) it can quickly grow on you.

HEll in half an hour you haven't probably experienced any of the aspects that make the game unique.

On their youtube account (from the videos posted by mortalonline themselves) there are some tutorials there that can be helpful, and the forums have some good starting guides and things.

I agree with you, but there are certain mechanics that allow for constant griefing of new players that does not help the game. If I just start out and walk out of the town and before I can do anything a band of 10 guys kill me and camp outside the town, I am screwed. I have no choice but to risk dieing constantly and losing whatever junk I get, or log off until I can. This type of choice is never one that a new player should have to encounter. It is like going to play basketball and someone steals your ball and runs away with it... well you are screwed and have to get another one.
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