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I've been looking for the title of a game, for a really long time. Didn't we used to have a thread devoted to that? In my case, it was an old DOS adventure game where you played the husband of a woman who sent you out to acquire wine in the wee hours of the morning. It took place in ancient Greece. I could never figure out the name of that game.

I never did play Prey, was it any good?
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Originally Posted by Syk0tiK View Post

This is what I was thinking
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Originally Posted by G-Daddy View Post

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Originally Posted by kuyaglen View Post
Perhaps the early vids of Doom 3. Prey used Doom3's engine and Doom3 came out in 04 so early vids of the engine would of been right around that 10 year mark.
prey was the longest delayed game ever. It was supposed to come out before duke nukem was. It was definitely around in video and concept form in the late 90s.
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Prey was cool, I got the collectors edition with the tin box and little pewter action figure things lol
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System shock 2?
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I do think it was Prey. I keep thinking it had a weird/unique name though.. Meh
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G.O.R.E ?
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