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Contrary to my previous title I never fucked Inf's mother
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Originally Posted by Amber Kush View Post
Too much D and D going on in here

Dumb and Dumber?
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Originally Posted by Xayd View Post
which wouldn't fly in boxing. as soon as he saw mediocre competition he'd get beaten, and wind up forgotten.

MMA has no barrier to entry, because the marketing gimmicks are more important than the sport itself, just like pro wrestling.

no one with less than ~15 professional fights gets to box on HBO, on the other hand.

when you cheapen the sport by letting gimmick competition in, your credibility is gone.

kimbo slice exposed UFC and their associated tv producers for exactly what they are...glorified pro wrestling promoters.

thanks for agreeing with me, that's precisely my point.

You are sucha stupid person I don't even know where to begin. Let me try to help your retarded brain.

1. Kimbo went through a totally different promotion team AND had to go through TUF before he got to fight in the UFC. He had two offical fights in the UFC and then got cut cause his last fight was just shamefull. He was a HUGE draw but DW still cut him because he wasn't UFC material.

MMA has no barrier to entry, because the marketing gimmicks are more important than the sport itself, just like pro wrestling.
2. MMA is a sport, just like football, basketball etc. UFC, NFL, NBA are promotion groups/leagues. Is there a barrier to entry to play basketball or football? Obviously there isn't; you just pick up a ball and play so there shouldn't be one for MMA either. However, there are barrier to entries for the NBA, NFL and UFC. For the UFC you need to either a) have experience in another promotion b) go through TUF (and even then the rule is you need to four offical fights under your name).

3. Boxing has been dead for nearly 12 years now. After pacquiao vs mayweather what else will boxing have left to look forward too?

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Straw Man
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DW cut him after he milked the guy on TV, don't fool anyone with that shit broseph

I'd post something more but I'm still shellshocked over Fedor losing again
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