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If it's a class outside of my major I'm more inclined to skip, especially if I'm working on something for my major. There's been a few times where I've been in the library working on a paper and I end up just working through my next class.

I attend all of my major courses barring sickness or some other valid excuse. I never just skip. I got a government internship in economic development through a reference from one of my professors. I attended her class every day so I'd imagine it helped.
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When I was in class I skipped maybe a class a month on average.
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I usually don't skip any classes. Maybe 1 or 2 classes a semester and that is usually due to something unavoidable. I enjoy sitting in my classes and seeing as I pay my money to attend I view skipping as just stealing from myself. I work weekends so it can be a pain to never have a day off except holidays but it helps keep me on track and motivated.
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During my undergrad I missed very few lectures. Usually if I missed something it would be for a good reason and I would make an effort to try and get the notes off someone I trust. Believe it or not, you do get something out of going to the lectures for most decent courses.

Now I tend to show up to everything, but I've left one or two lectures early because that particular instructor was horrible or the lecture itself wasn't great. I find the problem is that I have meetings and other commitments scheduled during classes because I don't get protected time for these so I end up skipping.

Originally Posted by bggrthnjsus View Post
2nd year of med school i didn't go to a single lecture, only to small group things. so that's 6 or 7 classes that i simply did not attend, ever, not even the first day.

I have a guy like you in my year except he doesn't even show up to group things. How he's passing so far I have no idea, mostly because I've met the guy once during orientation week.
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i haven't skipped a class this fall/spring semester.
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I used to skip 5-10% of the classes in my Sophmore year. By the time I was Senior I was skipping 30% . But if you are used to paying attention in class, the more you skip the more work you have before the exam.
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All my classes are lectures, I space in and out during class so I miss a lot and have to go back over the audio recordings anyway so I tend to skip the classes that post audio lectures maybe once every two weeks.

But I skip so I can get a fucking full night a sleep because people hanging out in my dorm keep me up too fucking late a lot of the time so it makes it difficult for me to study for upcoming exams when I'm constantly exhausted(I hate assholes who don't have class until 1pm or later)
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Don't respond to me, I can't read your posts :(
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Originally Posted by Millions View Post
It would depend on the class. I had a few that were just...not worth attending.

The one was some computer class...part lecture, part lab...during the lecture portions all the guy would do is surf the internet: "Oh, now this is a a good's called 'Google'". I think I showed up twice to the lecture.

Another computer class I would continuously ditch with this hot goth girl and go to the mall. Seriously, why do they still force remedial computer classes on kids in college? Does ANYONE attend this shit?

Another one was 5 hour marketing class where the guy would talk about how a pack of gum caught his wife's eye at the supermarket. In that class we were put in groups of four and every fourth week our group would have to give a basically we just cycled into the class. Two of us would attend one week, the other two the following week. Then we'd all show up to give the group presentation. Rinse. Repeat. Seriously, 5 hour long classes are brutal as shit. I'd sooner have taken a 7:30 am class.

Is your name referring to that millions movie? I hate that movie arrgg!!!
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I'm in my last month of pharmacy school and I skipped class A LOT. I think there were a few classes I only attended 3-4 times all semester during my first graduate year. I didn't do so well in those classes.

Even now I find myself skipping my core class, Therapeutics, at least once a week. I always end up watching the lectures online, though.

I regret missing these classes. I am now trying to get into med school and I know its going to come down to me ACEing the MCAT like I did the PCAT. I feel like if I just went to class a little more often and payed attention that my GPA would be up a couple points (its about 3.0 graduate and 3.6 undergrad so you can see the slack).

Anyway, my saving grace is that I have a disadvantage over pretty much every single other student in my class. My parents, while being great parents and I love them both every much, live several states away and I don't talk to them often and they do not assist me financially in any way so I have to work 20-30 hours per week (during an intense classload) to make my $30k per year tuition, rent, electricity, water, TV/internet, car payment, insurance, cell phone bill, food, going out/having fun, and any other costs that come up. It is really hard, when facing an 8-5 day of classes followed by work until late, to not consider skipping a few classes, especially when I generally have about 3 days per week that if I didn't skip a class, I would be out of my apartment from about 7:30 and not get back until 11PM.

I just wanted to portray 2 messages: 1) DON'T SKIP CLASS if you want to advance your education to degrees that are serious about grades. 2) Parents, help your kids out while they are in school and make $20k/yr while having $50k in expenses if they are trying to advance their education.

Now I'm not saying that I have it shitty by any means at all. I'm damn well off in my opinion and I can say I've done it all by hard work. It just REALLY sucks when you apply for a residency or scholarship and you get beat out by some bitch who is the vice president of the student health system pharmacists association but HASNT WORKED A GOD DAMN DAY IN A HEALTH SYSTEM when all her position entails is opening up a MONTHLY meeting with a 5 minute summary of the minutes of the meeting. Ridiculous IMO, but wow this rant went on way too long.


edit: I have had it come up several times, where a patient has a condition,complaint, or question that just came up in class but I either wasn't paying attention or wasn't there. Of course the attending physician or my pharmacist supervisor always finds that time to turn to me for an answer and its the worst feeling in the world.
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Rarely, I usually skip class in order to go to another class, or doing some work.

I know lots of people studying engineering at my university who skip class a lot, and they do fine, but not as fine as the people who go to class.

Of course, they have much more free time.
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I never usually skipped on purpose, sometimes I would just not get up for my 8am class in time.
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i skipped my entire chemistry class. I showed up only to write the tests.
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Originally Posted by Valygar View Post
Rarely, I usually skip class in order to go to another class
you're registered for classes with overlapping schedules?
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Originally Posted by P3R3 View Post
I never usually skipped on purpose, sometimes I would just not get up for my 8am class in time.

This mainly.

However after heavy drinking, likeliness is I won't be going in, I'm on a 1st so I doubt i'll change that policy anytime soon.
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college is one of those things where u can skip class and still read and go over the notes your self. But if you go to your local college like me for your first 2 years your end up being there for more than2 years and never transfer out. I go mwf from 8-12 in the morning and i end up come home ever day around 10ish because its boring and i can just open ended exams and still pass with a 4.0gpa
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