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Sneaker care (white)

I just bought these shoes (link at the end of this post). These are my first pair of white sneakers and I'm afraid of them getting dirty really fast. I know theres shoe cleaning stuff out there but does anyone know of whats best for sneakers (any personal experience)? Isn't there some time of protector stuff that I spray on these shoes to make em last longer?

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Dunno but those are sick.
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mr. clean magic eraser.
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hmm anyone?
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I just use a moist rag and water, sometimes dish soap.
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Scotchgard is the stuff you're looking for, or any other brand of the same stuff. I think the stuff I have is just called "Leather Protector" and it works just the same as the 3M stuff.

it sprays on, lasts for awhile, keeps shoes white/colorful.

edit: I really like the word stuff. Stuff.

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Pull shoe strings and sock liner, toss them in the washing machine every few weeks. Cold/Cold, perm press cycles. Tumble on low. Basically reat like any other sports wear clothing.

Works well for my mizuno's anyway.
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If they were made of fabric, I'd say machine wash with lots of clorox for sure, but I'm not sure how that leather/letherette would hold up.
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Don't respond to me, I can't read your posts :(
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This may be just me, but I prefer a bit of scuff/wear on shoes, gives them character. The only people with bleach white clean shoes are rappers and basketball stars.
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The easiest way to keep your shoes looking nice is to pay attention to what you're walking on. As an example, walking through freshly cut grass is probably a bad idea. Stay on sidewalks/pavement/indoors as much as possible and you won't have anything to worry about.
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spray with water proofing solution

clean with that water-based gel you can find at a lot of shoe stores, use a rag instead of the brush on the bottle

buy white sport polish
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