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Many famil​ies have lost busin​esses​,​ farms​ and ranch​es,​ and homes​ that have been in their​ famil​ies for gener​ation​s becau​se they could​ not affor​d the inher​itanc​e tax.
lol, except that when asked for a single example of this no one could find any anywhere...

Here is a nonpartisan examination of the two candidates tax plans:
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Escaped Gorilla Genitals
Jim Morrison
Hey, Jim <3 ules, You didn't deserve this because you can't guess numbers but anyways BREAK ON TH
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Don't Vote For Obama My Grandma Sent Me A Email Explaining He Is Really A Gay Muslim He Wants To Ban Homoracial Heterosexual Marriage And Institute Sharia! Grandma Says Vote Ron Paul!!!!1
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