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Originally Posted by Zangmonkey View Post
Sorry, but you're just plain wrong.
With a smaller bullet, even if you ignite the powder the bullet will pop out with a satisfying *pop* and you might burn your hand at the worst.

This isn't open to debate, it's simple physics. Without a constricted tube the bullet will not accellerate much and the pressure holding in the bullet is much less than the yield point of the brass.
As long as you don't do something stupid, like clamp the bullet hard into the casing when you drill, you will be completely fine.

ive torched trash barrels at the local range while on cleanup duty (myself) and know of this satisfing pop you speak of.

But i still wouldnt stand in front or near to a free standing pojo while being disected with a hand drill, hammer chisel etc ect. Static electricity can ignite the sucker and cause injury.
Dont know bout you, but i dont like pain even if minor. Getting shot in the chest with a red rider wont kill ya but it sure hurts like a mo-fo.

They know it, they know we know, we know they know we know. Everyone knows.

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I'll give you an easy solution, drill it under water.
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Mr. Baz
It was either here or on the 1911 forums were someone had already done this. They state the exact same thing Zangmonkey is saying.

There is so little powder, and the bullet is not confined in a barrel where the pressure can build up. The most that could happen is either the bullet 'pops' out of the casing, or you get the hole through and ignite the powder, causing it to just burn off. This is why you wear a full face shield and gloves.

The guy that did do this wasn't wearing gloves and got just a little burnt powder on his hands.
Again, it's probably not advisable to do this with rifle rounds, as there is considerably more powder in them.

The drilling underwater sounds like a cool long as you have a drill bit plenty long enough. Either that, or use a cordless drill with a long bit.
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