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Yeah my Custom II was $700 and my friends Pro-Carry was $700.

Excellent guns for the money, but I just can't justify Kimber's quality on the $1000+ models.

You hold a Les Bauer, Ed Brown, Nighthawk, Valtro or one of the other hand fitted 1911 companies and you hold a Kimber "Custom Shop" 1911. The difference is amazing, I'm either going to go for the Les Bauer TRS or a Valtro 1998A1

Valtro 1998A1


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true. my kimber was 600ish. i had it refinished for 200 then trijicons i got a banging deal for 40 bucks. for 1000+ id get something else.

Originally Posted by KorrMuraan View Post

My Kimber was only $700, but if I was going to approach 1k (before mods) I would have went custom.
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Originally Posted by Copejunkie View Post
i have been 1911 shopping here lately and thats the model i decided on... 1600 bucks at the local gun place, but theres some on gunbroker for like 1200...

got to get the money up for it first though

i got mine from kimberman for like 1050 or so. shady website but really nice guy
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Originally Posted by mushrew View Post
i got mine from kimberman for like 1050 or so. shady website but really nice guy

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