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Why am I not able to see the beta for download on XBL? It should be up on open download now, right?
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need to input a beta key if you got in the beta...
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Originally Posted by Stiler View Post
need to input a beta key if you got in the beta...

Not according to the website you shouldn't have to. I can't even see anywhere I would enter a beta key
Kase: "i'm gonna need to see some ID"
CG: "$10 says that's the first time you've ever said that."

KeVMaN: "Last time i checked cars can't strafe"

5c34abf401babc00edb90c200b723b80 [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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Its under game demo's. At least it was earlier saturday morning.
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Hmm...I'll look again I guess
Kase: "i'm gonna need to see some ID"
CG: "$10 says that's the first time you've ever said that."

KeVMaN: "Last time i checked cars can't strafe"

5c34abf401babc00edb90c200b723b80 [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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Originally Posted by Stiler View Post
need to input a beta key if you got in the beta...

On XBL? Wrong. You just download the game and load it up.
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Originally Posted by streetsk8erdc View Post
What I dont understand is how people like to play the regular core game.....Hardcore is such a better mode, Thats how the game is ment to be played to me. Hardcore in COD4 was insanely more fun then the BS regular mode. I hope they add more Hardcore modes and start to realize that Hardcore is wanted more then the regular mode. It blows my mind how people would prefer the regular over hardcore

hardcore and core are like totally different games, to each his own. i havent tried hardcore for cod5 yet but i really didnt like it in cod4. to me hardcore was the bs mode. imo hardcore just seemed to be a camp fest, like in cod 4 anytime i would try to move somewhere i would get killed by someone camping, like at least in core mode you actually have more of a chance against someone who gets the jump on you. im glad that now there is a filter for core hardcore. i think one of the reasons i hated cod 4 was that most of the servers were hardcore and some of the server titles didnt specify which mode and i would get in and it seemed like they would all be hc :\

on another note i really like the dogs better than the helicopter, easier to defend against and you dont waste a shitload of ammo like you would on a heli (especially if you are the only one shooting them down or without rockets).
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Pierdolcie sie
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I just got the beta from XBL

COD5 =COD4 with a different theme and dogs.
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Originally Posted by EesGood View Post
On XBL? Wrong. You just download the game and load it up.

Then they've moved into open beta/demo stages. As I said, last I played was over a week ago and when I got in the beta you had to use the key, etc to d/l it like most other xbl beta's.

Does the new d/l have more maps/additions? Or is it just roundhouse, markin, and the castle still?
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First off is the sound. They are actually trying to tell us that they are top notch when every gun sounds like an underpowered water pistol. I can barely hear footsteps ever. Well, I will just make it short and say that they can go F a melon if they think I will pay for this weak offering.

Have look at the list of complaints and how they intend to fix or not fix them and you tell me if you still want to play. I wasn't even expecting much from this but they have gone out of their way to piss everyone off lol. Dumbasses.

Question 1: The Molotov Cocktails are weak, will this be fixed?

Vahn's Response: I increased the damage radius of the Molotov.

Question 2: When will the Roundhouse glitch be fixed?

Vahn's Response: We have fixed that glitch for the first title update to the retail game.

Question 3: Will there be any maps larger than Makin, Roundhouse, and Castle?

Vahn's Response: We have some bigger maps in the retail game. Downfall and Seelow in particular.

Question 4: Bolt-action rifles suck, Tommy gun rocks. Any plans on fixing that?

Vahn's Response: Yes. I tweaked the bolt actions already. I have not tweaked the SMGs.

I am not convinced the SMGs are over powered. Yes, it is true they are high-damage, but only if the fire rate is slow (like the MP40).

After the update, if you want a one-shot kill with bolt-action rifles then it's going to have to be a precision shot (neck and above). A shot in the foot will NOT be a one-hit kill.

So everyone knows where I am with this:

I did a tuning pass LAST week that significantly increases the range and damage of the bolt action rifles.

I posted my opinion about how the gun should be. I said I don't like it as a 1-shot kill weapon unless it was a precision shot. I said I have concerns about making it too powerful. These concerns are reasonable, because I've seen what happens to the game when it is a 1-shot kill weapon.

I cited the head and neck as an example of a precision shot.

The community has argued that a precision shot should include the upper torso.

Some of you have also argued very intelligently and politely other considerations for why it should include the upper torso. Thank you to those of you who cited your considerations without the drama. You know who you are.

I said that I would consider a 1-shot kill to the upper torso if you have Stopping Power and/or are at close range. I called for feedback on that idea.

Many, but not all, users responded favorably that they would be just fine with it being a 1-shot kill to the chest with Stopping Power.

Others, of course, expect the gun to all but kill someone if you even remotely point it in someone's general direction.

I said that I would re-look at this gun on Friday (this coming Friday) and figure out where we left it.

That should now bring everyone up to speed, I think.

Question 5: Will there be a higher level cap/new playlists in the Beta?

Vahn's Response: We will most certainly increase the level cap again. Probably as early as next Friday. I won't know if we will put HQ in the beta, but it's not out of the realm of possibility

Question 6: Will there be anything like Old-School from CoD4?

Vahn's Response: I won't promise you that we will do that; but it is feasible and very likely that will do lots of playlist experimentation (double XP, no XP, Longer game timers, No Perks, etc., all) based on community input.

Question 7: The bipod is useless, will we be able to deploy it while prone?

Vahn's Response: We are trying very hard to put the feature where you go prone it deploys a gun with a bipod back in the game. It's very difficult to make work right and it was not ready for the beta or the retail game. I have seen it working and if we can make it fun, we will bring that feature back.

Question 8: Are the "Monkey" and "Play Dead" perks just 'hidden' in the Beta?

Vahn's Response: When you guys read about rumors like climbing trees and playing dead, many (but not all) of those things we talked about doing (some we even prototyped) and (some) turned out not to be fun. For example: Playing dead was not much fun. The game is too fast paces and deadly. What ended up happening was people just walking around shooting bodies. That is not the game we wanted to make.

Question 9: Will there be rewards for head-shots other than XP?

Vahn's Response: No. XP only, it took a lot of memory to add weapon camos and in most cases didn't look good on WWII guns. The memory was used to add/upgrade other gameplay features. We will never update the game to include weapon skins and it is unlikely we will do anything other than give XP for completing those Challenges.

Question 10: Will Beta stats/XP carry over to the retail game?

Vahn's Response: No.

Question 11: Will the PC version be as 'moddable' as CoD4?

Vahn's Response: Yes. Indeed. The PC team would probably just flat out murder me if I told you what sorts of mods have already been made. (The did some simple moding to make sure it was working ok, it is).

Consider that we have some AI path finding in the MP executable because of the dogs, I am pretty sure we are going to see some real insanity from the mod community!

Question 12: The tanks are overpowered!

Vahn's Response: We didn't want a tank to be able to be taken out with just 1 player by himself.

That didn't feel right at all. We tried it.

However, if 2 players work together and concentrate on the armor weak spot, destroying a tank is not difficult at all.

Question 13: Juggernaut-Overpowered, Stopping Power-Underpowered, Flak Jacket-Worthless.

Vahn's Response: I wanted to reply to this specific point because it's a common misconception. Whenever we see something like the above post, we are baffled by it.

Stopping Power is ignored when it's runs into someone with Juggernaught. In that situation, it's like neither of you have the perk.

To be super clear about this, I am not saying that Juggernaught does +10 and Stopping Power does -10. It's not balanced that way. At all.

But, I am saying that in-game logic the "benefit" of having the Perk is completely and totally ignored.

As to your complaint about the grenades and flak jacket?

We will have to agree to disagree here. Many community members complained that COD4's grenades were too powerful and spammy.

In a game mode like War and HQ, you will be thinking about that Flak Jacket.

If you are very used to the grenade splash damage (really the range because the damage is very similar) in COD4, this will feel a bit different.

Question 14: Will there be a swear filter?

Vahn's Response: We don't currently have any plans to implement a swear filter. The game is rated 'M' for Mature and is very violent. Swearing and gibs are a part of the game.

Question 15: Will there be in-game host migration?

Vahn's Response: No. COD3 had host migration because COD3 was a peer to peer game, where COD:WaW is a client-server game. We have always said that this game was built on the COD4 engine. This is one of the trade-offs you make.

Question 16: I'm worried everyone will use the flamethrower and it will be VERY overpowered.

Vahn's Response: The Flamethrower unlocks at a very high level. So, people will have to decide if they want the Flamethrower or they want to Prestige and unlock more Create a Class slots.

I don't think you will see large numbers of games with large numbers of people camping out at level 64 with the Flamethrower.

It's a short range weapon that also says, "Shoot me, I have a Flamethrower."

It's DEADLY. Don't get me wrong. It's BRUTAL. But, it's not worse than any other weapon in the game.

Until we have enough data that says we botched up the Flamethrower and it's over powered and the entire community has leveled up to 64 and does not want to Prestige so they can keep their flamethrower Ė Iíll take a wait and see attitude.

We almost made it a kill streak item, which would allow us to limit the number in the world. However, in the end we didnít need to. Itís just like any other Perk weapon. It has advantages and disadvantages. It will work for some play styles and not work for others. Iíve wracked up huge kill streaks with it and Iíve been knifed in the face by the guy I was trying to kill.

Question 17: Why can't my gun turn any farther when mounted on a bipod? Is this supposed to happen?

Vahn's Response: It depends on what you are mounting against.

All COD games normally take a lot of creative liberty with what happens in first person vs third person.

Some examples:

-notice how you always have to look up at everyone even though you are the same height (camera placement for the guns).

-notice how you can walk up right to the wall and you don't have to lower your gun?

With the bipod mounting feature, it was a lot tougher.

While it feels to you that you should be able to move around in 1st person, if you looked at yourself in 3rd person, something is in your way. It could be something small, it could be something large.

We had it the way you suggested for about a week, but then guys would "float" in air or their legs would be inside a wall, etc., all. We had to change it.

Unfortuantly, it meant restricting the player movements which is never an easy decision for us.

Am I 100% happy with the bipod attachment right now? No. It would be a lie to tell you that I think this feature is perfect, because I don't. We are working on feature enhancements.

Please don't ask me for a timeline, because I'd be making it up.

Question 18: Will prestige icons be the same as CoD4?

Vahn's Response: No.

Question 19: Will the fire on the ground from cocktails/flamethrowers cause any damage?

Vahn's Response: Not in MP.

The fires on the ground will burn out very quickly. This was by design. Their were tuning and performance issues any other way.

Question 20: Bouncing Betties are hard to avoid, any tips?

Vahn's Response: Their are two defenses against them. Bomb Squad and Flak Jacket, one for the careful or sneaky player and one for the run and gun player.

Question 21: Will there be a Team Tactical?

Vahn's Response: Can, and probably will, be done. In general, I think we want to do a lot of playlist variations.

Question 22: Will we be able to turn off the auto-aim?

Vahn's Response: Yes.

Question 23: What will I get for prestige-ing?

Vahn's Response: Create-a-Class slots, Achievements, and Gamerpics.

Question 24: The spawn system sucks.

Vahn's Response: We made A LOT of changes to the spawning system.

The system itself is actually really powerful, however what we have noticed happens a lot is that spawns will get marked as "bad" (artillery strike, dog nearby, enemy player close by) so the spawn system ran out of spawn points to pick that would be better.

It's uber cool and very powerful. Now it just needs to be dialed in.

Question 25: I've noticed some hit-detection problems, what's going on?

Vahn's Response: I am personally not aware of any known, substantiated, issue with the hit detection.

Question 26: Would it be possible to make it so satchel charges can't be thrown and have to be placed on surfaces?

Vahn's Response: Yes. It is possible to do this. However, I imagine that this would upset a lot of Satchel Charge users who think that it might make them ... "worthless if we can't toss them?"

Question 27: If I have two of the same gun, when I shoot, it drains ammo from the CLIP of the other gun. Will this be fixed?

Vahn's Response: We fixed the "same gun, same ammo" problem. It was a bug.

Question 28: Why are the dogs so hard to kill?

Vahn's Response: We had the health higher, and we had the health lower. It felt best with the numbers you see in the demo in play testing.

Question 29: What will the level cap be increased to?

Vahn's Response: I don't know yet for sure. I haven't discussed it with the team. We usually make the decision Thursday or Friday morning and I've been out of the office. Probably somewhere in the high 30's or low 40's.

Question 30: Will there be playlists with more than 12 players?

Vahn's Response: Yes. Absolutely.

Question 31: Will there be more hardcore playlists?

Vahn's Response: Yes. We will see how these work out (and we need need to make adjustments) but you can play War in Hardcore on Day 1.

A lot of the MP developers are huge "hardcore" fans.

Question 32: Will there be a hardcore CTF

Vahn's Response: We were discussing the option of a Hardcore CTF. No promises, but if it's fun we will do it. I need to spend more time playing Hardcore CTF to see how well it works (or doesn't).

Question 33: Will we get an option to kick players in hardcore modes, rather than the game auto-kicking them? Sometimes it's not actually the teamkillers fault. (Friendly Bouncing Betty set off)

Vahn's Response: I think we already changed the fact that death by a friendly Bouncing Betty was counting against the kick limit.

I don't like a "Vote to Kick" system on the 360 and PS3. It interferes with the game pacing and requires people to come out of the moment in order to make a vote, head into a menu... press some buttons. I've done that system on COD3 and regretted it.

I feel differently about it on the PC, because you can bind keys (F1- Yes; F2- No) and that action is a lot quicker and you don't have to leave the screen.

What we need is feedback on the system, so adjustments can be made. Thanks.

Question 34: Will there be more maps added to the Beta?

Vahn's Response: We don't currently have any plans to release any new maps for the beta.

Question 35: Why is there no respawn timer in Hardcore TDM? Are you guys aware of this and is it being fixed?

Vahn's Response: Yes. I finally had a chance to look into it. It was a mistake. It was my mistake. I fixed it locally. It will go into QA tomorrow for testing and if it checks out, it will be in the next update.

Question 36: Will an unscoped Springfield be as effective as an unscoped bolt-action of a higher unlock level?

Vahn's Response: Yes, for sure.

The guns are not tuned in some way that something like the Springfield is somehow way better than the Kar98k, for example.

One, or the other, might be better for your play style and that is all.

Question 37: Why is the grease gun, or any other gun for that matter, not in the game?

Vahn's Response: o easy answer to this question. Simply, it didn't make the cut.

Here is the abbreviated inside story:

When I got involved with COD multiplayer, more than a few of the guns you will have were not even planned at that time.

The MP team aggressively lobbied for them. (Dare I say sold our proverbial souls?)

The art department and the animation department really came through for us (the collective us, MP game developers and MP players) even though something like the PTRS-41 and Double Barreled Shotgun wasn't even scheduled to be made.

Those guns turned out great so the designers of the SP/COOP ended up putting them in as well.

I am thankful every day that we were able to make as many guns and attachments as have. Could you make more guns and attachments? Sure, but we'd most certainly have to give something up for it.

Life is a little easier on the single-player/co-op designers when it comes to weapons. They only have to load a half dozen or so different guns depending on the level. They will never have to load the Arisaka, for example, in the German campaign part of the game.

In MP, we have to load EVERY SINGLE GUN because any player can have any gun (and any attachment variation) at any point.

Deciding which guns get made, and which go into the game, is never an easy thing.

Question 38: World at War has been in development for 2 years, why are there still glitches and bugs?

Vahn's Response: The game was made in a (not over a) 2 year time frame. That is true. Different parts of the game were made at different times. Most of the early work on the game was getting COOP up and running.

This doesn't mean some huge team of MP people did nothing but make MP for 2 years. I wish that was true, but it's not.

More importantly, this is a BETA. I would encourage you to look at the definition of a beta and don't confuse it for a demo.

Even the final game may have bugs, but it will certainly have fewer bugs than it would of had if we had not created a beta. The real consideration is if you believe that we will continue to work with the community to fix issues in the game, or not.

Question 39: Do you have any updates planned for the retail game?

Vahn's Response: We have at least 2 major, and unlimited minor, updates planned to retail game.

Question 40: Will there be any modding tools to work with the fast file format?

Vahn's Response: I don't know for sure, but given that the developers don't directly work with the fast files (other than generating them) it seems unlikely.

Question 41: The guns sound weak, is this how the game will sound when it comes out?

Vahn's Response: Yes, the audio largely reflects the retail version.

Brian and the entire award-winning sound department at Treyarch have done things with this videogame that have never been done before. For example, the sound occlusion.

It's easy to make the guns LOUD. It's not easy to mix an MP game.

We'll have to agree to disagree on the direction that we took and offer apologizes that you are disappointed.

Question 42: Martyrdom isn't realistic at all, couldn't you just disable the perk if the person killed was killed with a headshot?

Vahn's Response: Their is nothing very realistic about Martyrdom, or any Perk for that matter. It's called suspension of disblief and it happens every time you watch an action move or play an action video game.

Fair is subjective term and something a game designer constantly works hard to achieve.

Any equal argument could easily be made that it is unfair that I don't get to use a Perk because of where you happened to shoot me.

I don't feel Martyrdom is over-powered. We tuned the grenade damage. We gave you Flak Jacket which will let you survive a a Martyrdom grenade. Our maps are bigger with more escape routes and paths. Frag grenades are x2 and not x3.

I've very happy with where we netted out overall with our balance of the grenade spam.

Question 43: Bouncing betties aren't trip activated like a claymore, they are pressure activated mines, but when I get near one it explodes, should it be like this?

Vahn's Response: Yes. It is working as expected.

It's a video game Bouncing Betty. It has a trigger radius 360 degrees around.

I am always slightly baffled by the people who are expecting to pay $60.00 for Call of Duty: A History Lesson. This would be a terrible game to make and probably not that much fun to play.
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Cool Kid
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so i wish the achievements would be granted in coop mode too..

i just played through the entire game split screen with my friend and i didn't get any chapter completion achievements. i didn't even get the goddamn nazi zombie mode.
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Originally Posted by IFieldYI View Post
so i wish the achievements would be granted in coop mode too..

i just played through the entire game split screen with my friend and i didn't get any chapter completion achievements. i didn't even get the goddamn nazi zombie mode.

how were you playing a game that doesn't come out for 2 days?

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Cool Kid
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Originally Posted by solareon View Post
how were you playing a game that doesn't come out for 2 days?


there are ways.
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Originally Posted by Azureth View Post
I am always slightly baffled by the people who are expecting to pay $60.00 for Call of Duty: A History Lesson. This would be a terrible game to make and probably not that much fun to play.

While I like a degree of realism (Who survives 2-3 7.92mm rounds to the chest from my Kar98? I'm looking at you MoH:Airborne Assault! ), it wouldn't be fun to bleed to death from one piece of grenade shrapnel.

Game devs have a hard job making a game (and balancing it for MP), the things some people pick at are absurd.

Edit: I can't get on the servers for PC is the beta done?
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A lot of that interview was just him saying "sucks if you don't like it, but we do, so it stays". I miss how IW talked to the community.
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