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Originally Posted by Vandal View Post
I used to play BF2 when it first came out, and for a while after that on and off. I was semi-serious in some random league.

From what I hear it's not that great anymore.. What are some other pretty big nerfs that hit? The blackhawk/stinger nerf seems pretty stupid IMO, but I'd like to know some other ones.

the 2 that killed it for me were

indestructible claymores (can't set off enemy clay with a nade)
infantry only mode (should be called medic only mode)
not enough content to lurk
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needs moar stealhmode
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downloading the patch now

looking forward to flying while in widescreen.
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Impeach and try Bush/Cheney! 911 was an inside job!
How old is that game? 3 years and they just now are fixing the issues?
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Originally Posted by detail View Post
How old is that game? 3 years and they are now breaking it again?
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