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Crimes of War, Far Cry 1 and 2
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Yeah, stalker was hard as hell haha, but I love it. Ill have to try Giants, sounds very interesting.
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I've been playing UT2k4 lately, pretty fun game that runs like a dream on modern hardware.
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Originally Posted by omega_13 View Post
Yeah, stalker was hard as hell haha, but I love it. Ill have to try Giants, sounds very interesting.

Yeah the first one is probably my favorite game ever. Theres a mod called Oblivion Lost that changes the dynamics of the game a good deal. It kind of frees up the game. For instance :
  • you can buy an OICW from the bartender as soon as you meet him
  • you can throw a silencer on there cause he sells those too and you can attach them to any weapon
  • mp5 occupies the pistol slot so you can carry it and a rifle w/o entering your inventory
  • You can drop anamolies and have them do what theyre supposed to
  • Blowouts happen totally at random
  • hordes of dogs can take over an entire zone
  • factions make a difference (so dont just go around killing duty fucks all day cause they own the bar area and they dont kindly to you killing their buds)
  • you can die from not sleeping and eating
  • you can bleed to death and bandages dont heal you, only slow or stop the bleeding
  • blood suckers are your worst enemy...EVER
  • new monsters, random spawns (they seem to really gravitate towards the freedom base area. so if you like them its a good idea to just check on them every once and a while to make sure theyre not all wiped out by zombies)

The point of the mod was to make it the way it was originally planned to be and it is TOTALLY worth the download

Oh one more thing, the npcs play guitar way more frequently and its a lot of different (whats sounds to me to be) Russian folk songs

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