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Looking for obscure game, forgot title

The game came out before 2000 or maybe as late as 2002. The was that the earth or the planet folks were on exploded and instead of doing what you'd expect chunks of rock to do, they all start floating around with atmospheres around em.

Gameplay was that you had a floating island with a character or more of them, you built a base on this island but you could also move it with propellers. Also you had to defend yourself against bandits that flew in on bombers and fighters.

I'm thinking it's got Nomad in it's name but I can't find it. It was 3D, you controlled one character, I'm nearly sure, at least you did for storyline sequences etc.

Anyone heard of this before?
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check this list novels games and comics with floating city concepts
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Originally Posted by threefingeredguy View Post

Yes, thank you.
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