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lonedawg's Avatar
Suggest me later ps2 games to get.

So I recently picked up a ps3 and planned to pick up some of the older ps2 games that I missed since I sold my ps2 before some came out.

So far I've picked up Shadow of the Colossus and plan to get MGS3, God of War, and Okami as well.

What are some other later ps2 games you'd suggest? I'm into the action/adventure/etc type of games and no so much into the Jrpg's unless it's different from the usual formula (IE Folklore) or has a really good story.
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UID=growler's Avatar
Odin Sphere
God Hand
From Russia with Love ( I liked this game quite a bit actually, but I love Bond..)
Soul Cailbur 3 (PS2 exclusive, of course with SC4 coming out there probably is not much point)
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CheeseBiscuits's Avatar
don't forget god of war 2 as well.

i honestly can't think of any "later" ps2 games except for the ones you've already listed
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black was fun but way too short, only good on "black" mode.
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growler's Avatar
Rogue Galaxy
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alehark's Avatar
Killzone was fun, and with the sequel coming up, probably a good idea to play.
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
make sure when you get MGS3 that you get subsistence and not the normal version. one of the biggest improvements MGS games have made has been the camera and the farther you go back in the series, the harder they are to play because you're used to MGS4's camera. i tried to go back and play MGS1 but couldn't get over the camera.

god hand is a love it or hate it game. it's very unique and has some gameplay quirks some people don't meld with well.

kojima got you to get a ps3 so i think it's only right for you to try out Zone of the Enders. fast-paced third person mech gameplay. if you hate anime, you may be turned off the story though (though cutscenes are "normal" length). for the time, the graphics and gameplay really wowed me. might not have such a big impact today, but they're still worth playing. both are pretty short so consider renting them.

Disgaea is a japanese RPG, but it's a strategy RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. it plays on a grid and feels similar to civilization games, but with much more focus on individual units that control and progress like RPG characters. you select where to move and what moves to do--your character levels up and gets new skills etc. the battlefields are smaller and quirkier. the game has an awesome system for customizing and leveling up your equipment--you actually enter the weapon and do battle, progressing to different "levels" of the weapon to upgrade and unlock things. you activate certain items within the weapons and can transfer those to other weapons to further customize them. the story is fun but on the anime side of things. disgaea 1 and 2 are for ps2 (prolly be fine starting with 1 -- 2 is more of the same) and disgaea 3 is out in japan for ps3 (coming to US in august).
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Bread Mafia
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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Rogue Galaxy

i just picked this up cheap and am currently 6 hours in and it's pretty neat
Old 07-01-2008, 05:59 PM turtlepower is offline  
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Not really sure what you have and haven't played but these are some of the games from my collection I'd recommend to anyone.

Dark Cloud 2
Champions Of Norrath: Return to Arms
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Metal Arms: Glitch In The System (Seriously underrated games ftw)
Star Ocean 3
Phantom Brave.

Actually anything by NIS is awesome.
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Gloibin's Avatar
Is it possible to find Ico anywhere? I've kinda wondered ever since I got my PS3...
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good story and different gameplay for JRPG, you say?

I think persona 3 FES is what you want. i was totally hooked on that game. It was seriously just amazing start to finish. Loved every second of it. It does start off a bit slow, the first 10 hours are all tutorial mode. After it stops holding your hand it really opens up in both gameplay and story. The game is damn hilarious at times too. I have never seriously LOL'd from a game until this one.

I was hoping Nocturne would be as awesome, but that didn't hook me. I don't even know if there's a story. it's all been boss battles so far, blarg to that.

For action if you get find Odin sphere floating around that's pretty sweet. It's a kinda of beat em up RPG game. I put in about 4 hours and it's pretty sweet. God damn is it frustrating hard at times though.

I only play RPG's for the most part, so that's really all I can offer off the top of my head.
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
i liked persona 3 FES a lot but i don't think it's something stiler would be interested in.
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May I refer you to the People's choice - PS2 games

I've got my suggestions from there.
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lonedawg's Avatar
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

God hand looks ridiculous in a quirky way, kinda reminds me of Trigun, without the guns.

Rogue galaxy looks interesting as well, will have to check out the others too.
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