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full auto is stupid. you will be out of ammo in an instant, with nearly all your rds missing the enemy. It's just for intimidation, really, and to get stupid troops to attack/fire back, with "hope" of running off the enemy before they use up all their rds, with Uncle sugar from the air offering evac and supply. U won't have uncle to help, so you'd better not fire without a high likelihood of hitting, and you'd better have a caliber that is resupplyable by barter, and by finding the rds next to dead bodies, in abandoned buildings and vehicles, etc.
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91/30 with a bunker built from surplus ammo spam cans
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sure, idiot

anyone can use darkness to get up into molotov cocktaill range, or use smoke, or some sort of rolling cover, like a car with steel plates, etc, and drive right up to you and your stupid bolt action. u choose it cause you're too cheap to buy a real rifle and that means that you can't afford enough practice ammo to be any good with it.,
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once up close enough, they can toss a couple of pipe bombs, or break into your "fort" in any number of ways. how old are you, 10?
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Originally Posted by CommiePunk View Post
i don't think planning on shooting someone in the eye with a .22 is a solid game plan, i'm sorry.

it's a good plentiful small game caliber, but thats about it for me.

eskimo use them for polar bear.

Originally Posted by CommiePunk View Post
i don't think you understand how a bullet actually kills someone. Punching tiny holes is great but unless you actually hit the heart or brain (possibly lungs) then the person isn't going to go down immediately like you want. I don't want the person to die 2 hours later from bleeding out. Preferrably, I want them to go down for good immediately. The larger the round, the more likely you are to hit something important or at least cause larger wounds to incapacitate them.

.22 tends to bounce around inside the body from bone to bone and even off heavy slabs of muscle once it slows down. Not always the case but it is not as useless as you seem to paint it.
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Originally Posted by Halfbaked View Post
+1 for the AK-47


Damn sand literally poured out the inside of it
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Great.. now I'm looking for tactical .22's thanks to this necro-bump
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Originally Posted by typhoon43 View Post
Great.. now I'm looking for tactical .22's thanks to this necro-bump

at a minimum, everyone should have a .22
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