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FS: Aion Collector's Edition account - $45 (w/ 16 Cleric)

I bought the Collector's Edition pre-order, played for about a week after launch, and realized it's not for me. Figured I'd sell it for $45 (retail is $60), so I can get back most of what I paid for it, and someone who's looking to start can pick it up for cheap.

I originally bought it off Steam, but the game is not tied to it, so you don't need to use Steam to play it. It's attached to NCSoft's "Master Account" system, but it's the only NCSoft game I have, so I'd be giving you ownership of both the game account, and the master account. You can just download the game client from the website.

You get: the username and password for both accounts, answers to both secret questions, and the game's serial #. You can change all the contact information to yours from the master account -- the only thing that you can't change there is the contact name, and I honestly have no idea if you could get that changed by calling them or something.

Oh and there's a 16 Cleric on Azphel (Asmodian side) if you'd like to play him -- not in a legion or anything; nobody knows him -- or you can start over entirely.

I have 100% feedback on eBay, am not a douchebag, etc. Post or PM me if you're interested!

Edit: Oh yeah, and the account is still active until Oct. 29, so you can play for a week for free.
lol internets!
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One-time bump and price drop... 70 views on the thread, so I'm assuming there's some interest? $40.
lol internets!
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