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CHICAGO: Last minute mini-meet at FlyNavy's - Sopranos Send-off

Tomorrow night is the series finale for one of the best shows to ever grace the small screen so I figured I'd invite the [M]embers of Chicago, Milwaukee and anyone else in the area that would like to come up to the far north 'burbs to watch it at my place. We can get some tasty italian food, compliment it with some wine and find out how this dynasty ends.

Will Tony find Phil Leotardo?

Is Sil going to be a vegetable?

How will A.J. make things even worse for Carmela?

Will Paulie flip a lid and whack Tony?

Does Bobby's death make Janice finally stfu?

Come to my place and find out. Grayslake, Illinois. Five miles west of I-294 near the Wisconsin border, just south of the Six Flags Great America exit.

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id go, but thats far.
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Doctor Octagon
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I liked Silvio.
Don't crush it when you sit up on it.
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Master-B and is gay lover Jumbypunk = OWNED.
sounds like fun, but I don't live thar.

take pics you fruit
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how about a fucking address
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This season has been a dud imo. This "build up" was meh, I hope this last episode is good but I just can't help but thing how it could have been so much better/more developed and less of a generic "the show is ending, so lets whack every main character."

Six feet that was a series finale.
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Originally Posted by goatrape View Post
how about a fucking address

how about people who can actually attend will get it via PM, IM or over the phone
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Why was Sen Prescott Bush impeached for funding Hitler?
sounds like a trap to me

you gonna get raped if you go to his house
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I can name that dirty sanchez in three licks
or at least probed in the anus
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will i get a handjob if i go?
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I "got more" and loved it. (p.s. Tmobil sucks) <3 K
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if i can make it i will be htere
I do not work for T-Mobile anymore. :x
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I can name that dirty sanchez in three licks
Originally Posted by Allnighte View Post
will i get a handjob if i go?

that's just the beginning
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my predictions:
Patsy is wired.
Medow is in new york with Tonys car, phils boys see her driving tonys truck and think its him, she killed.
Tony and carmella are bummed but figure it was a car jacking so don't bother tracking people down.
AJ somehow finds out it was Phil's crew that did it and everyone goes berserko.
AJ whacks Phil at that gas station you saw him at in the preview last week.
Tony and carmella go back to the house AJs car is there, AJ is gone, there is birds in the swimming pool.
Tony and carmella go to a motel, guys from newyork and AJ bust in. They tell AJ to kill tony or they kill him. There is a struggle carmella is shot,, AJ is hurt on the ground, tony puts him out of his misery and shoots himself.
Uncle Jr. hangs himself
The final scene is the psychiatrist reading all about it in a newspaper at an ice cream parlor.
Enjoy the show!

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Will you have strippers?
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Mental Pygmy
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I'll go if someone will come and pick me up. Also, I need to be back at home by monday morning so I can go to work.

BTW, I live in Dallas so a plane would be preferable cuz I don't wanna sit for umpteen hours in a car. To show my gratitude, I'll bring sodas (1 12-pack of generic soda -- live it up)
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