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Suggestion: Food/Drink Forum

Hey Genmay, I was thinking, we get an incredible amount of food and drink discussion that comes up in Everyday Life, I was thinking it might be good to have a food and drink forum, thats tailored more towards recipes. People asking about how to maximize their dollar value, or portion size etc etc can still still go into the everyday life forums.

I just feel like there are alot of recipes that are getting lost in the pages and pages of other topics that go into that forum. If no one wants to moderate it, I will and I don't mind doing the legwork of moving the current recipes to the new forum. I know we have a recipe index thread, but it may not get updated often.

I plan on throwing up recipes often since I am in a culinary course for college and I am making usually 9-12 dishes a week and I can post recipes for.

Originally Posted by red|dragon View Post
Food is already talked about in 2 forums: Bone Closet and Everyday Life. You want a 3rd?
What I mean is move food talk out of Everyday Life and put it into Food Forum primarily. This way everyday life can be left to the talk about buying cars/houses/investing/important life decisions etc. And food and its recipes won't get lost in the shuffle.

It would remove the majority of the food talk out of here, so there wouldn't be 3 forums that have it, just 2, food for recipes and talk and bone closet for healthy decisions and diet eating suggestions.

EDIT: Approx 35% of everyday life is comprised of food and drink threads

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I am for this.... I like to have a section thats just for recipes + pictures.

I am not a big fan of the new "Everyday Forum".
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Originally Posted by Tom Cruise View Post
edit: Some kind of How To style wiki thing could be cool, people submitting guides for food, car repairs, PC upgrades with pics etc

Wasn't that what Everyday Life started as, and no one posted anything?

It's already not that hard to keep up on Everyday Life, and there's the sticky thread with links to all the recipe threads. Another subforum just seems like it would be an annoyance.
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I personally think the forum is fine as it is. It's a low traffic subforum. It'd be one thing if the food threads were being smothered by other content and quickly disappearing, but that's not the case. Recipes I posted more than a year ago still show back up on the first page. We have a recipe index, which works out fairly well. If somebody asks a food-related question, it tends to get answered pretty quickly.

Now, if the food-related content increases and starts smothering the financial, job, and house related content - you know, important stuff - then I'd be all for a new subforum. But as it is, I think it's fine. I honestly think the food stuff gets more traffic because it's lumped in with other genres that people are interested in.

Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post
Wasn't that what Everyday Life started as, and no one posted anything?

Yeah, pretty much. It was House & Cookery back then. It was for pictorial guides to stuff. Very few people posted, or even noticed it for that matter.
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