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Well, I usually see an atheist as an agnostic that's decided that it's most likely not to be a god. There's some debate over the semantics (What I describe is a weak atheist, I guess, whereas a strong one is sure).
The wording of the OP ("I believe there is no god") fits.

By that definition, it can work for a scientist. See it as a hypothesis, if it helps.
(And if we limit ourselves to belief in a god that is involved now, it's even possible to gather some data on things like apparent effects of prayer and the like to strengthen that hypothesis.)
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Carl Marks
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between B and C
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Between C & D. I do believe in a higher power. Our choices and free will makes who we are not some guy in the sky or some guy with a really wierd hat. I have seen things that can't be explain even with our current knoledge of science, but try not to make excuses for them. I test my own beliefs amd try to provide logical and emperical evidence, but I relize beliving in a higher power takes faith.
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el borracho
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I fluctuate between agnostic and the major religions, judaism, christianity and islam are all based on the old testimate + another book tailored to that religions belief. This makes me think that possibly, they could all be correct, but how do i know which is the right path? I don't, and therefor i think of myself as a believer in god, but not in modern faith.
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D with perhaps a bit of C.
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Originally Posted by PopeKevinI
I'm somewhere between A and B.
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That is all.
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C. "I consider myself a spiritual person. I wholeheartedly believe in a higher power but look at all formal religious institutions with a fair dose of suspition. I live the life of a 'good person' though some times I may act against what my faith extolls. I think that religious manuals have value for the messages they impart but I do not believe these books to be anything more than mortal work.
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Originally Posted by Lairans
somewhere between E and F -- no damn explanation necessary
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I'm a B, without a doubt
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Honestly that is due to me currently attending a Christian university. Before I would have said D. In the right environment religion can be overwhelmingly positive and beautiful IMO.
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I frequently see all atheists generalized into one category, which does a great deal of injustice to accurate representation of personal beliefs.

The atheists we most commonly hear about are the Michael Newdows of the world; they are the sort of people who know beyond any doubt that there is no god, and has never been one, and have taken it upon themselves as a personal crusade to attack theology, and not just when it imposes on them.

From what I've discovered, the vast majority of atheists are agnostic at heart - they do not believe in a deity, but then again can't disprove one either. As these atheists are unable to conclude whether a god exists or not, due to limitations in our collective powers of observation (when viewed either in a technological inferiority or human limitation sense), they're forced to conclude that their is no God, by applying the principle of Occam's Razor in dealing with implausible proposals. While it certainly is true that nobody to date has disproven the existence of a god, this certainly is no claim for the validity of religion - religious zealots who use the lack of disproof as proof are committing a fallacy of assumption. What always boggles my mind is how ignorant people are in this regard - very few people, in a religious debate, apply standard principles related to the burden of proof, and challenge religious zealots to prove the idea they have put forward (not that it would matter, their heads are in the sand to begin with).
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I am catholic, but i do have opposing views from the church on a few issues.

And no i didnt formulate my opinions on what mommy and daddy told me

Also i believe faith is more important than physical proof. I don't care for physical proof at all. Everyone agrees that jesus was a real person in history, my faith takes action when i believe that he was the son of god and not just a prophet/good person. That is solid enough for me, but unlike modern day Church institutions, i dont enforce my ideas on others. I also think going to church isnt mandatory, i mean you can pray while at home and i believe morals are much more important then following rules given by god and altered by fallible humans
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old grizzled jew
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