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Mental Pygmy
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Originally Posted by FlyNavy View Post
I wasn't trying to rouse any rabble, I was showing gavinzac that most of us like the way things are. I feel this thread would have been pretty solid conversation for the main forum.

I'm on probation?
not just probation, but double secret probation
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From a purely self-moderation standpoint: with the universal implementation of an ignore list, the Payban system is worthless. You don't like someone, you can just ignore them. Personallly, i think users should have to have gold access or pay to have ignore list access(I don't even have gold ATM, and no one is on my ignore list).

But that's not the only reason to KC someone Because it keeps them from posting too. And sometimes there's a certain sinister satisfaction that comes with knowing that your genmay archrival cannot post in that thread he just started or that thread that he would no doubt find interesting, or maybe you just want to spare the world from the horrible shit that Smileynev would post, even if for a day.

I don't think that the system is pointless, however from a self-moderation perspective I believe it's worthless. H-mode was never meant to be a moderation tool, it was fucking karma, someone made your life on genmay miserable, you could make them feel your pain. And why not make someone feel your pain.... sharing is caring. Custom titles, namerapes and avatars were implemented so that there could be better representation of yourself in title/avatar/username form. And I feel that those programs have been successful save the few times when we all end up with furry avatars()

also you could be like IMnobody and use the genmay store to solidify your status as a Mad Baller
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AbortTheFetus's Avatar
Originally Posted by Viremia View Post
If Sanjay needs money, here's an idea. Let's allow the person who has probably made more money for this foram than any other be susceptible to the same store-bought moderation as the rest of us. That might help with the hosting/bandwidth fees.

3 guesses as to who I'm talking about and the 1st 2 don't count

just an idea

and let's not target just 1 person. let's open up ever member below Admin to various payed moderation. perhaps special items for those who are mods or supermods

is it the black one?
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sloths's Avatar
ads suck. this site has a totally unique business model from any other forum. most other forums slap up some ads and they're done. it looks extremely tacky and shows you can't take care of yourself.

i would recommend bringing namerapes back. from research i did once, a third of all income once upon a time came from namerapes.
please don't take me seriosly.
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Originally Posted by Intrinsic View Post
you spelled "pool" wrong numerously

And you spelled "poll" wrong in your correction.

Old 02-09-2008, 01:01 PM NegativeOne is offline  
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