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Hard from Brevard
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This is what I got in the mail today.

14.95 from LaRue. There's actually only 9 of them in there, got one of them on my workbench for function fit in the AR I'm building.
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Originally Posted by Firehawk0220 View Post
I've never understood why anyone would want straight 20 round mags outside of prone shooting or bench rest shooting where the length of the 30 rounders could be an issue.

Eh, just what I prefer. Sits in the trunk easier since it's flat on bottom. Just feels "right". Which is good for me since people sell them cheap
I like wood. Like it so much I wrote a poem about it.

Wood, wood, wood. Would you please get that penis out of my butt?

That's a good poem.
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Originally Posted by pyramid View Post
Looks like I need to invest in some Pmags. I was sort of hesitant because the polymer mags I used to get for my SKS didn't cycle ammo as well as the metal ones without some modification to the feed lips.

You probably won't buy anything else after trying the PMag. I know I don't.
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Originally Posted by pyramid View Post
Pretty impressive but my question is what happens if there were ammo in the magazines. In the metal ones they deform and the damage is apparent. The pmags likely deform too but spring back into shape and the ammo inside could be damaged too but if you looked at the pmag and it looked fine you might try to run that pmag and ammo through your gun which might end badly for you.

Though I'm not sure how often people are having their full mags run over. I can see empties being discarded in a street and collected later but I wonder how often mags really do need to survive getting run over, full or empty. I guess that's more important in an urban combat zone.

I don't know if you've ever handled a PMAG or not but there is no flexing there. They're solid. They're not flexing when you run them over.
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