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I'm sure it was a copy and paste from other source. Page breaks not being calculated in the document.
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Mr. Susan
I can kind of relate to some of this stuff.
I feel quite devoid of emotion but I don't feel empty, I feel that I'm just logical instead. I look at things from factual perspective and find emotions not as weakness but as these walls that stop you from seeing the facts. I don't act unphased by things that are supposed to have emotional impact, I'm just unphased.
People feel I'm insensitive when I don't mourn the dead or that I'm hiding my feelings but for some reason I'm totally fine with the idea of not seeing someone again, especially if I'm prepared for it and especially if it's because they died. If it's beyond my control I have an easy time not worrying about it.
I'm more in touch with my anger than anything else, I'd say I fake or play up my anger sometimes to 'feel manly' rather than hiding my emotions.
I feel like I should feel bad when say I went from secondary school to college, then college to work, I kind of just ditched all my friends from the previous place both times as when I came to think of it they weren't worth keeping in touch with. I made 2 worthwhile friends throughout my education but I'm fine with it. I've always felt older and more enlightened than my peers, I'm hoping as I get older people in my age group mature and become less superficial and I'll have an easier time fitting in. Until then I'll continue to enjoy the company of the few genuine people I come across.
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