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Stop recommending weed in the BC. This goes for everyone.

Underwhelmingly Overpowered.

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oh even if its legal from where u hail huh? I was genuinely trying to help. I do however applaud your censorship skills,and the 8 point infraction. nazi on r.o.t.s. i can call u rots now right?
Underwhelmingly Overpowered.
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Hey guys, sorry for the late reply.

Melatonin helped quite a bit, but still a little groggy. Only a couple of days of class left.

I decided to completely overhaul my sleep schedule and arrangement.

I've basically flip-flopped. Instead of going to bed at 1030 sharp, I go to sleep whenever but wake at the same time.

I put a radio-alarm clock on the opposite side of the room and a halogen lamp on a timer. Not really a way to avoid laying in bed now. And I've extended it to every day, not just work days.

So on a much more regimented sleep schedule and it seems to be much, much better. Not nearly as bad waking in the morning now that I've adjusted.
I like wood. Like it so much I wrote a poem about it.

Wood, wood, wood. Would you please get that penis out of my butt?

That's a good poem.
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