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How to stay "cool" with tough questions/embarrassment

I've noticed that at least to me and I'm sure it might at least be somewhat obvious to others that whenever I am asked a tough question or I feel embarrassed answering something, I get super "hot" and break into a sweat for a moment.

Does anyone know how to prevent this? Cuz I'm sure I get super red in the face and it's painfully obvious to anyone, which is never good when you are talking to someone that you need to remain professional and relaxed with. Ie interviews or presentations.
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I'm not trying to diagnose you or anything, but it may be a good read to see if it helps you.
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what type of questions?
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Practice -- keep putting yourself in such situations (as long as they aren't detrimental to your well being).
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Originally Posted by oleo View Post
what type of questions?

Questions about money, beliefs, embarrassing moments that catch me off guard, difficult analysis questions, etc.
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im a dumbass who posts my bosses credit card number onto the internet for people to abuse
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Just keep thinking to yourself "who are you and why do you need to know". This will help you in deciding do you want to entertain your inquisitors or not. There is nothing wrong with pausing and thinking about what to say. You get red because you think you have to answer on the spot, NO. You want to answer, you answer, you dont want to answer, dont.

Money? I love questions about money. It speaks tons about the kind of person the one doing the asking is. I dont answer questions about it nor do I volunteer information people dont already know or assessed on their own. Let people believe what they want to believe. I have seen money and jealousy regarding it come between people one to many times.

Beliefs? They are my opinions, you asked, ill tell you, and I really dont care if you think they are wrong.

Embarrassing moments? Just go with it, if it came out it came out, just come clean. The faster you come clean the faster its forgotten.

Whats a difficult analysis question? Like why my computer does this when it shouldnt be?
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Just stop caring what people think, you sound entirely too wound up and care entirely too much what people think of you. One thing I can promise you is if you think people care about what goes on in your life when they go home, they don't. Throughout life we are going to laugh at others and others are going to laugh at us. 5 minutes later nobody remembers.. unless it was that one guy who breaks out in a sweat and makes a big enough deal for me to reflect on it later.

Become apathetic, you're actually feeding the beast you fear most. My best advice is to be that guy who asks you uncomfortable questions. Start dishing it, and it'll be easier to take. /serious
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i honestly can not think of a single question that would make someone panic...unless its like "did you murder him!?" and you actually did murder him, then i might shit my pants. but other than that....

an example of a question that made you sweat would be nice..saying Religion is pretty broad...
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Originally Posted by Trachei View Post
I'm not trying to diagnose you or anything, but it may be a good read to see if it helps you.

That is actually what I was thinking. I know I have pretty high CA in situations where someone is my superior, such as my boss at work. Sounded exactly like the OP description.
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My damn CA got me an F in participation in one of my classes
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Originally Posted by fcuk.u View Post
unless its like "did you murder him!?" and you actually did murder him, then i might shit my pants.
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I usually answer these questions either as best I can at the moment, or I resort to humor (or combination of both). People like to be entertained, and they want to see what you are made of... hence asking the tough questions. don't take yourself too seriously. Do the best you can, I think most people can respect that. Be yourself. Be open and honest if acceptable.

What are some example embarrasing questions? If somebody is joking around with you, it might be fun to joke back.
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If you can't think of anything, just stare at them with a "what the fuck is wrong with you" look.

Don't break eye contact, wait for them to do it.
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I get that sometimes, but I also have social anxiety issues.
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First are these "tough questions" or questions that shouldn't be answered? There's a big difference. Sometimes people shouldn't be asking questions and you should just give them one of those "Really? Are you seriously asking that?" type of looks.

As far as overcoming general embarassment, while practice does make perfect, there's just some things that are a lot harder to overcome. In 16 years of school, I still can't stand in front of an audience by myself or with a small group and give a presentation without messing up a word, reading slightly too fast, sweating, or moving in place. theNoid is probably the best answer though, until you can no longer care about the outcome, you will have apprehension. It's one thing to be in a job interview, but random ass people and friends are something you shouldn't care about - especially thinking in your head "Do they approve of me? Will they like that if I said that?"
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