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Anyone ever been to a psychologist?

I've been once to the psychiatrist just for meds and stuff. Was not impressed by this particular dr. Will find some new person to have my meds checked.

I am not finally thinking about going to a psychologist. I've avoided it for a long time, as I don't really believe this well help me, but I want to keep an open mind. I'll be going for anxiety, social anxiety and depression. While things aren't bleak for me at the moment, I have some fairly sever mental issues that I'm trying to work through. I'm actually at a job that pays pretty well and would be considered good by most people, but I hate it. It's too stressful, anxiety inducing and my lack of social skills makes things that much harder.

I'm actually surprised they haven't fired me since I'm so bad in communicating with people. I also get very nervous and anxious in meetings, especially if I have to speak. It's very embarrassing of course and frustrates and depresses me to no end.

I have no friends. I have zero social skills and even normal conversations are hard to be a part of as I have nothing to say most of the time. Needless to say, no girlfriend either. but that's not a priority right now.

A few other things that I'll spare the details on.

So, who else has gone to a shrink? Please share some experiences that might help me as I remain skeptical of the benefits.

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I see a therapist. I think therapists and counselors are more personable... less for getting prescriptions, more for actually talking and getting perspective.

I happened to get real lucky and meet a person that really connects with me and that i share a mutual understanding with. It helps a lot, if only to get things off my chest sometimes. Im not 100% sure where i would be mentally without this service, but the benefits are clear

So my recommendation would be to find a low rent therapist and not a doctor youre paying 150 bucks an hour to to prescribe you some zoloft. You might have to do some shopping around until you get lucky and meet the right person, but its totally worth it if you feel you need help.. this is exactly the sort of thing that could help to open you up.
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Night Black
Definitely second the suggestion for a therapist. I started seeing one a while ago to sort out a very fucked up situation with a very fucked up girl.

For me the hardest challenge was just opening up. I had this fear of being judged, plus this feeling that seeing a therapist was copping out on something I should have been able to handle myself. Like I wasn't independent enough, or I wasn't tough enough.

So I went to my university's counselling center. They sent me to a faculty therapist, which makes sense, given that for example, engineers are more similar to each other than say.... a photographer.

But my therapist and I started talking, and before long I had opened up and was pretty comfortable with discussing such matters with her. She didn't try to tell me what to do, rather presented several ways of handling the key issues she identified.

Every appointment I walk out of, it feels as if a load has been lifted from my shoulders. To be frank, I've made more progress since I started than I had through the entire situation before I started. Granted, I still have a lot to work through, but every day it gets easier.

It definitely can't hurt to try.
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it is a good place for you to go if you have problems
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I went and saw a therapist on campus for a few months last fall semester. It helped, at the time I had trouble sleeping do to stress with my ex as well as figuring out that I have no interest in my degree anymore.

It was helpful to talk to someone who wasn't involved in any with my life and was able to give me some perspectives I otherwise wouldn't of thought of. I say go for it and best of luck.
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You know, you're worried about your social skills affecting your job and you're embarrassed by it but look at it this way: they haven't fired you. Maybe what you think is a big deal, they don't notice or have come to accept it. Let that ease your mind just a bit. Everyone has issues, but I wish you luck finding help.
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The thing about therapists is that you have to shop around until you find one that you connect with. I've been to like 4 and finally found a good one ^_^
Try being social little by little, like, just smile and say hi to someone who looks friendly Good luck!
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don't discount the psychologist -- they're trained in these areas too. it's not hard to develop a good relationship with one...simply shop around until you find one that clicks.
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I saw a psychatrist in HS, but it wasn't voluntary and my parents were present the whole time so I never really opened up. As long as you can get past the anxiety of "omg they're judging me" I think it's a good thing, like Reaper said, to have someone who isn't actually involved in your life to open up to. And it might not feel right right away. They're a stranger, and you're supposed to open up and talk about shit that you probably don't feel comfortable thinking to yourself.
If it doesn't feel right at all, for sure, bail, but if it's just a little uncomfortable because of the newness and the strangerness, give it some time.
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I've been to about four in my life for various things in my life, from depression to college-based anxiety. None of them really lasted longer than six months, but then again my problems didn't need much longer than that. Each time I was glad I went, and came out better for it.

One thing I'll say is that you should look at therapy like you would look at choosing a martial art. Every therapist has a different style of helping people with their issues. Some are more indirect and have you lead the discussion, where self-reflection and thinking about your feelings are key. Others are more cognitive and action-oriented, and make you really look at the cause/effect actions of your problems. This is very good for smokers, people that do destructive habits due to stress, or just people who aren't very comfortable talking about their feelings every session. They often set up goals every week. Others know hypnosis, and I was taught self-hypnosis when I was having sleep problems.

My point is that there are very few bad shrinks out there, but some won't match up with how you work. This stuff isn't an overnight fix-up, but if you don't feel like you're progressing, tell your shrink so he/she can revise the sessions, or failing that, you move on to someone else. You won't hurt your shrink's feelings, as your spot will probably be filled by next week.
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