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Yeah I had a hunch this was fake from the beggining. If you get in a car wreck that badly and your cell phone manages to keep intact. BAH! Bloody bastards
"I believe it is our faith to be here. It is our destiny. I believe this night holds for each and everyone one of us the very meaning of our lives. This is a war and we are soldiers. What if tomorrow the war could be over...isn’t tha
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everyday i'm hustlin
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lots o love in the sigs.
"i wish i were an internet celebrity so i could go out with porn stars" - shiki
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I love my pussy
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I'd just like to make it known that I will do everything within my power to punish the lying parties.
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shit damnit how could you Charles???
<3 for math
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I think you're crazy, maybe
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If this is a fucking hoax. I swear to...
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#1 Cock Smoker
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buncha dumbass gullible fucktards...

people were flaming me on irc for joking about this...

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yay! click ok!
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Isnt there supposed to be an 'O' in 'country'? Nope
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Originally posted by LilMsCanBeRite
This is not the type of thing which should be joked about. I want to go on record saying I find it abhorable that someone would play upon the emotions of the forum this way.

The internet shouldn't be taken seriously, but at times, in such a close knit community as this one, genuine feelings of compassion for the humanity of other members grow to the point that members are people, and not just pixels on a screen or posts on a forum.

People shouldn't be jerked around like this. Its gone too far.

I'm not the best person in the world, but I'm going to do the right thing for once.

Click is fine. Forlorn is ting. You guys wanna hate me for saying so.. fine. To put others through this sort of emotional turmoil is wrong. I cried myself when I thought this was real, I can only imagine what others are thinking.

This isn't funny. You don't make jokes about the lives of others. We all rallied to Brady when he thought he had killed himself, and hated the orinator of that thread, and that was a single poster. This lie has been perpetuated by a schmuck for his own personal enjoyment. Shame on you.

Click is fine. He's been in class all night.

Flame me as you will. It isn't fair to do this to the forum.
im with you. this lie is fucking gay. burn in KC Forlorn!
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Night Pilot
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i'm so fucking confused.......
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Ugh, I just looked through my IM history of him today, and it makes perfect sense, he was doing his homework earlier for music class and telling me how it sucked how he had to go to school today. Fuck you, Forlorn. You deserve whatever Gabe did to you 10x over.
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well I got 20$ for the permaban on spork and forlorn. We'll need a new thread.
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I think you're crazy, maybe
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