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mfpmax died earlier this month

For all you oldfags who remember the great days of [H]ardforums automotive forum and such... one of the great posters mfpmax died earlier this month. There is thread on four eyed pride with a little more information on his death

I just found out today and am sad to hear this. I spent lots of time chatting with him on IRC back in the day. RIP buddy, you won't be forgotten.
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Many hours were burned on AIM talking about random-ass car stuff and giving each other shit for our various shitboxes. He and I use to meet up at Orlando Speedworld for various speed events. I was just thinking last month that I should get back on AIM, reach out to him, and see about a trip down to Rockledge since it had been so long since we last talked. This will forever remain a lesson not to hesitate.

Jason was a good guy, a clever smartass, but a damn good guy! Fuck you 2016, seriously.
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I do remember the name. So sad to see someone go at such an early age
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I don't mean to be a cvnt, but..

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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
I don't mean to be a cvnt, but..


Yeah, the name doesn't even remotely sound familiar....
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I know I'm late, but I remember him from way back. RIP
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I know I'm late too, IRC chats were always fun. RIP
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WTF, i just saw this. That sucks I remember him from [H] forums.
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I do remember him from the [H] when I helped Rags mod over there for awhile. Hard to believe 35 yrs old.
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