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Now that I have more time to post,

Santorini is a tiny island, so be sure to cover as much of it as you can(I don't know how long you'll be there for). If you rent yourselves a little scooter you can get around nicely and there's MANY beautiful places to see. There's lots to do for leisure so be sure to take some time aside and give the beautiful landscape the attention it deserves.

For fun, when you head down to the beach there's a lot of watersports for the tourists, which can be really fun. They tend to be a bit pricey, but I'll always recommend waterskiing, jet skiing and what not. I don't know if you've scube dived before, you need a license to be able to scuba whenever you feel like. If you haven't before, you'll just be taken down with a trainer who's going to spend quite some time showing you the ropes and teaching you to control breathing techniques and your buoyancy and some basic sign language underwater. The night life is off the whack, take advantage of that.

For food, my sincere recommendation is eating in little shacks that are run by old school Greek women (They're hard to miss, really old, far too kind, and wear a black bandana that covers their hair). You'll be in for some really tasty treats there, and of course go for some real souvlakia and tzatziki. There's quite a few places in Santorini that are renouned for their Wines, rightfully.

When exactly are you going? The weather is going to start getting ideal from the beginning of May onwards.
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Thanks for all the helpful information.

I'm going the second week of May, and only going to be there for a few days. We planned on spending a day on the beach and snorkeling (my cousin is too scared to scuba) and maybe a boat trip? I thought renting scooters would be really fun, but I'm kind of scared about the roads (I hear they are some narrow and winding parts). We'll hike from Thira to Oia one day, I've read that it's about 11km and very scenic. Then hopefully we'll see the famous sunset and then hit the nightlife.

I'm really looking forward to the food. I'm trying to avoid the tourist strip and heard the best food is found off the main drag and in smaller side roads.

Any tips on Athens? It seems most the sights are pretty close to each other. We have just two nights there, and will probably be doing more of the usual tourist stops.
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Bonnie, I drove a little rented crapper on Santorini and it wasn't anything too scary.
As others have said, Athens has a "big city" feel- in my opinion not all that special. If you are going to see the ruins, I'd definitely recommend a guided tour so you know wtf you are looking at! There is a pretty big mall in Athens, too if you're looking to do some shopping. I bought a pair of jeans there that I cannot give up nearly 3 years later
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Yeah Athens just has the big city feel really. You could hit up the beaches there, you can get your sandy beaches in contrast to the rock ones in Santorini. I'd check out the Parthenon on the tourist attraction day. A guided tour helps, but it's also a lot more fun to take your own time to see things for yourself, and there's places around the site you can read about them or better yet, ask your friendly neighborhood gay Greek people chilling there for some pointers. I'm Greek and I'm still pretty amazed every time I head out there. Other than that, not much to say really since I've lived there since forever, and it's all pretty standard to me. Try to stay away from the really crowded areas, they'll really frustrate you.

It does have some pretty big venues for concerts and they're constantly going on during the summer, so I'd check out some of your favourite bands/artists and see if they're playing around there during the time you'll be there.

There's one little restaurant that I always love, and will most definately cross your path. You'll know it's the one I'm talking about because you'll have a crazy old man in the middle of the street dressed in an old school vraka along with more old school clothing promoting the place. It has some of the best Greek food I've ever tasted, other than grandma's of course! All in all, get ready to enjoy the sun.
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I'm heading back there on the second week of may, but not sure if I'll also be hitting Cyprus up that early. You could always PM me when you're there and in a bind or something and I'll do my best to help you out.
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