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Mandres's Avatar
DC was so fucking epic. I was on the TWL ladders with my clan too, played for hours everyday.

Do you guy's remember the loop-de-loop plane trick where you looped the plane, bailed, grabbed the flag and jumped back in when it drifted past? I practiced that move for months until I had it down cold. Always drew a bunch of oohs and aahs lol.
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fullvietFX's Avatar
DC and Urban Terror (Q3 mod) were my favourite games EVAR.
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god i played this soooooooo much

even back in the day before i had highspeed internet at the house Millions and I would go to the gaming cafe where EVERYBODY was playing CS and him and i were the only ones playing DC.

good times
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Polyhedric Mu
Originally Posted by fullvietFX View Post
DC and Urban Terror (Q3 mod) were my favourite games EVAR.

there's still tons of people that play urban terror. it's even stand alone now so no need for q3
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Holy shittt this brought me back.

I used to play DC SOOO much.

Epic long range tank battles into escaping into a jet only to get shot down right at the end of the runway.

Man i miss that game. bf1942 in general blew me away.
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dk again
dk again's Avatar
Ya that was fun as shit in college..I miss those days
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Originally Posted by dk again View Post
Ya that was fun as shit in college..I miss those days
Same here.

I remember setting up a cracked bf1942 server for [M] on this old Duron 1000MHz box I used to have. Fun stuff!
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DC and Galactic Conquest (Star Wars mod) were played as much as vanilla BF1942 in my house
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DC was a blast. I still have it installed on this machine. Bots aren't very good, but throw as many on a map as the game will allow makes for a fun killfest.
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tegandje's Avatar
i remember playing americas army as well
i was boss at cod
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