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The front of my car is making a weird scraping sound

While I'm driving, I can hear a sound like something is scraping coming from the front of the car. I don't know much about cars but I'm thinking it's either the tie rods or the brakes that are getting stuck on the pads. I don't always hear the sound though, it just seems to pop up at random while I'm on the road. My ABS light comes on sometimes so I don't know if it could be brake-related. If it was the tie-rod, would it make this kind of sound? I'm not sure if it is, but my car isn't handling abnormally besides of the sound.

Anyone know what this could be? I'm probably getting the car to the garage tomorrow but I'd like to know what to expect before doing so.

Also, is there any chance this could be my wheel falling off and I'm gonna crash my car tomorrow?
Old 04-06-2008, 11:58 AM korok15 is offline  
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0 degrees farehnheit
brake pads are probably just about worn out to point of falling off...
Old 04-07-2008, 12:32 PM 0 degrees farehnheit is offline  
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If it was the tie rod, you wouldn't be able to steer.
Old 04-07-2008, 12:34 PM tmoney1876 is offline  
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Wiseass's Avatar
My ABS light comes on when the pads are real worn and low. Check to see what they look like and I bet they're worn.

edit: since you're not familiar with a car that much, make sure you get a quote before they do any work and see what it costs. If you can come back here and post and we'll tell you if you're getting the run-around or raked over the coals. You're going to pay out the nose for some place to change just the pads, but they may see dollar signs and try and tell you something like calipers or rotor or drums (not sure what you've got on the car) are all bad.

If you take it in for pads, and that's all it needs, dont let them sell you everything else they have.

And there's no reason to take the top of the line pad, most OEM parts will be fine for every day driving.
Old 04-07-2008, 02:24 PM Wiseass is offline  
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it's a long shot but:

the threads and nut on the tie rod (outer) to where it fastens on the knuckle fucked up, was no longer tight. i heard a scraping sound everytime i turned the wheel. turns out the tie rod was actually TWISTING inside the knuckle.
Old 04-07-2008, 02:28 PM u467 is offline  
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Just got the car checked out today, seems like my right wheel had a fucked up bearing. Cost me 312$ for everything. Also, be brake pads are finished but they're still under warranty so at least there's that lol.
Old 04-07-2008, 03:18 PM korok15 is offline  
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In your brake pads there is a built in "warning" that your pads are wearing too low. This makes the sound you are describing… If you keep driving can cause damage to the rotor (or disc) from the scraping of the worn pads..
Old 02-06-2014, 08:44 AM riyarobin is offline  
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look under the car ...
Old 02-06-2014, 09:03 AM DirtyZero is offline  
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