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favorite apps

Google Maps - Duh, its awesome
Google Places - Far better than Around Me (or at least in my area of the world)
Premireship - Push notifications of when games are starting and scores.. and news.. and its free if you are into English premireship soccer, its a great app
BBC News
NHK World - streaming of NHK world, their English language channel
Kotoba - Japanese/English dictionary, but probably not useful to anyone on Genmay
Currency - Free currency conversion app, great for travel
Wikipedia - always great to look shit up
Conversions - for those pesky, "how hot is that in Fahrenheit?" questions.
Words with friends - great time killer
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Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
Some of us would prefer to us WiMax or LTE over 3G. You can't get that with any iteration of the iPhone currently.

I would like to have the mini usb connections and expandable memory you can get in a Droid
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Google Maps is standard on iPhone, it's one of the stock apps and completely free. I've tried it, Waze, MotionX GPS Drive (not free) and MapQuest 4 Mobile. MapQuest is the best all-around. Not the prettiest map rendering but most accurate directions, best auto-rerouting, best spoken audio directions. Waze has very nice looking 3d map rendering but gave fucked up directions all the time ("turn left" then "turn right," with the map showing switching into the left lane then back )

Other than that I mostly use:
Kindle and the iBooks app. GREAT having 20+ books on hand wherever I am, iBooks is really good for reading PDF's.
Simplenote. small web-synced notepad app
Stockfish Chess
Words With Friends
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Flixster for movies
m48. HP48GX emulator. RPN 4 lyfe
Wikipanion. basically a client for Wikipedia, reformats wikipedia better than the mobile site and lets you access the table of contents easier.

Have a ton of other apps but honestly don't use them much. These are my faves though.
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Fooducate: This is a cool application. You can scan barcodes and it will give the product a grade, and tell you if there are better options. Free.

White and Yellow Pages: Quick access to phone listings. Free.

WhiteNoise Lite: A free sound generator (waves, beach, etc). Free.
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my favorite app on android so far is LCD Density Changer. it cost about a buck on the market but it makes the screen resolution so much better on a big screen. 3.7" or larger i would reccomend using LCD Density Changer.

note you must be rooted using this app
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Originally Posted by Legend View Post
I would like to have the mini usb connections and expandable memory you can get in a Droid

I like the HDMI output in mine.
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Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
I like the HDMI output in mine.

That is a massively useful feature. Do you have a receiver with HDMI in? I bet you would get good sound quality playing FLAC files through the HDMI out.
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Tex Arcana
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okay, little whiner didn't go away... geez, I guess I'll list mine too


Page One:
* FStream, for my favorite radio station's stream, Sports Radio KTCK 1310/104.1 The Ticket;
* The Weather Channel, for temps, forcasts, and (most importantly) radar;
* Mark The Spot, for AT&T's many network fuckups;
* PlainText, simple and neat note app that uses Dropbox to sync with your computer;
* What'sApp, for a friend in the Netherlands who likes to text with me ;
* Sol Free, the BEST solitaire app I've ever found, it doesn't nag you like most free games do;

Page Two:
* iHandy level, which I have YET to actually use;
* INRIX Traffic, a must in any metro area;
* Units, for those pesky English/Metric conversions;
* PocketDyno, for that fresh OMFGDORIFTOSWAP horsepoer goodness (which I have yet to use, as well );
* Dilbert, needs no explanation;
* myLite, simple and free flashlight app;
* Dropbox;
* Tumblr, for all my static pr0n needs ;
* tumblrgear, see above;
* XSysInfo, one of the few paid apps, does a nice job of reporting system stats and releasing memory;
* GasBuddy, for finding all those lovely fuel stations with the best prices;

Page Three, this is where I start combining apps into those little boxes we can use to clean things up a bit, kinda like making sub-directories:

* BatteryDoctor, supposedly a battery-conditioning app and tracker, tho I suspect it's actual efficacy at such things (paid, .99);
* ScanLite, replaced by XSysInfo;
* SimpleHelp, for those pesky iPhone help issues;
* iDrive Lite, for backing up the contact list to the cloud, but I can't really see why, when I regularly back up my iPhone before updating;
* WiFiGet, which I use almost.... never. If I want wifi, I'll just turn it on (I leave it off to conserve battery), and look for something, and if I want to find a hotspot, *then* I'll use this app, which isn't bad at it;
* GoodReader, which I got to read docs and pdfs, but iBooks pretty much replaces it;
* Documents2, for spreadsheets and other things, but I never really use it;
* WhitePages, cause you never know when you'll have to look someone up ;
* EMD PTE, a period table of elements, cuz you never know when you have to look up inert gas info;
* Speed Test, so I can show the world the size of my wifi network ePenis;
* DISH, so I can do pretty much nothing with regard to my Dish Network account, tho supposedly I can stream what's on my DVR to my phone ;

* Allstate, just so I know I'm in good hands when I have a wreck;
* Skype, which I use to talk to my friend in Holland, which I have yet to get to work on the iPhone;
* SoundHound, to find the name of that shitty gay y chick song on the (b)Lowe's Music network;
* Decibels, so I can find out how much my ears are getting destroyed;

News (that I rarely use):
* USA Today;
* Joystiq;
* HuffPost;
* SportsTap, I use this more than any of the others together;
* ArsTechnica, for my computer hardware fix;
* ProPublica, so I can get pissed off at being raped by my politicians and Tea Party wackjobs;
* c|net reviews;
* SPEED, for the latest in F1 news;
* Engadget, for more tech news;

* iBooks, this really is a good reader, does a damn good job with PDFs, far superior to...
* Kindle, it kinda sucks, and you can't get alot of free decent books from Amazon;
* Google Books, which I got to evaluate, but haven't really tried yet;

Pic&Vid Apps:
* FotoSafe, for hiding and encrypting those incriminating pics ;
* Photobucket, so I can get to my smilies and spam y'all with them;
* PSExpress, when I have to chop in a black box over my motor for posting in Auto[M]ay;
* VLC, for vids and music formats I have yet to put on my phone;
* Rotator, to turns pics around;

* Wikipedia, Wapedia, Quickpedia, and Wikipanion, which I got to figure out which one's the best, but I usually end up in Wikipedia in Safari and being done with it;
* Dictionary;
* IMDB, cuz I'm always looking up movie and tv shit;

* wxPlanet, a cool little weather radar/satellite imaging global display;
* ArcGIS, for those important satellite images;
* 3D Sun, so I can see when the sunspots are gonna fuck us all over;

* Atomic Lite: nice, doesn't keep pages cued up, so I don't use it much;
* Opera Mini: fast, kinda looks okay, has some odd behaviors that I don't like, so only use it when Safari is acting the bitch;
* 360 Browser: I actually paid for this, and it's damned good. Still doesn't hold pages for long after closing (where Safari can keep my favorite pr0n pages indefinitely), it's fast and stable, and does a few things that would make Safari shit itself much like the OP;

Games: I have these in 3 containers, and they include:
* JumpO'Clock: it's fun, eats battery like cocaine up Totensiebush's nose ;
* wolf3dlite: eh, it plays okay I guess, I can't get past the first room or shoot anyone, so I don't play it much;
* LineArt: this is pretty cool, makes neato patterns that are somewhat soothing;
* Substrate: see above;
* Pocket Ants: Kill the ants in many ways;
* Smash 2012: Oh, this is a BLAST, and it's free, so a MUST if you need to work out of deital aggression;
* EliminatePro: I heard it was good, played the beginning bits, it looks cool, plays well...I just don't play it much ;
* Jailbreaker: This one is neat, pretty fun;
* iKungFu: similar to Jailbreaker, by the same people, side-scroller with a manga/comic vibe that's ;
* DoodleBomb Lite: this thing is a KICK, a must-play, and gets VERY difficult;
* Angry Birds: need I say more?
* CrazyTanks Lite: fun tank game;
* Stick Golf: another fun one;
* Racer FREE: yes, it's fun, decent;
* Paper Toss: pretty nice, can burn hours trying to get better;
* AntWarsSE: fun little "capture the ant hill" game;
* Dismount: Toss the rag doll down the stairs, akin to Smash 2012;
* UConnect: Figure out how to connect the dots without lifting your finger. Simple but hard at the same time;
* a doodle flight lite: top-scroller shooting game;
* BloodnGuns: shoot'em'up in comic style;
* Asphalt 5 Free: driving game, it's okay;
* Paper Football: pretty fun;
* Germs FREE: neat game where you're the green germ, and have to eat all the orange or blue ones. Can get really hard;
* Ragdoll 2 Lite: Similar to JumpO'Clock, toss the ragdoll up to release stuff and advance;
* HarborFree: fun harbormaster game, gets very hard very quickly, you have to be fast and organized;
* Go Karting: Electric karts indoors, but very tough driving;
* Castle: This thing is the BOMB, the art & animation is WAY primitive, but the gameplay si addictive AND uber-fun!! A must-have, I think I actually paid for this one, just because it was so good;
* Gravity Balls: nice orbital physics demonstrator;
* Flicky Football: fun;
* Gravity Sling: this thing is like some of the old PC gravity simulators where you toss the object (spaceman in this case) and try to get him to the target (space shuttle). It's mega-fun, and addicting, I should pay for the full version;
* Dots Free: play dots with your iPhone (it's a hard bitch!) or your friends, very good, one of my first games;
* geoDefenseLite: THis is a damned good game, if it weren't so pricey, I'd buy it;
* GearedFree: mesh the gears to make shit happen. Fun;
* the iBall: Magic 8-Ball for the iPhone, a must have;

Unwanted Crap: Stuff I don't like but can't delete:
* Weather
* Game Center--what a load of decroded crap!
* Stocks
* Notes--eh, it's just.. crappy;
* iTunes, tho I use it on the computer, go figure;
* YouTube: can't erase it, so get it out of the way;

Forums: a few forum apps, just not that big a deal;

* MurphyUSA: for finding all that cheap Walmart gas goodness;
* ATTScanner: for scanning those barcodes in car mags for cool vids ;
* RedLaser: for scanning barcodes, it's okay, but I think the paid apps work better;
* KeyRing: for those pesky key ring tags for store discounts, it does work;
* Amazon: 'nuff said;
* TagReader: same as above;
* Pizza Hut: I have YET to get this to actually order me a pizza, I ALWAYS end up goign to a computer to order ;
* Starbucks: find good coffee FTMFW;
* MovieFone: find movie times FTMFW;
* NewEgg: find computer hardware FTMFW;
* Walgreens: so I can renew my Viagra script in a flash .

And that's about it.... holy fuck, I had no idea how many apps I had!!
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Originally Posted by Tex Arcana View Post
And that's about it.... holy fuck, I had no idea how many apps I had!!

Nice! Yeah, I guess there's no point listing only your favorites when out of the 300,000 applications, only 1000 are notable in any way and only a fraction of that are worth downloading or buying.

I have underlined the applications that are most notable.

First page:

Shopping folder:
Amazon (reviews),
Redlaser and Shopsavvy (scan barcodes),
eBay (price comparison),
Dealnews, Groupon, and shopkick for deals.

Fileviewer and Dropbox for files

AVplayer and Buzzplayer for movies and music

Beatthetraffic: Same as Inrix Traffic, but a little faster.

Fooducate: Scan barcodes at the store for a breakdown of food information.

Weather, Photos and Notes

Bottom row of main icons: Atomic Web, Just Light (flashlight), Camera, Settings.
This is the best way I've found to have quick access to the most important functions.

Second page:

Utilities folder: (Default: Clock, calculator, compass, voice memos),
plus Convert Units, Dictionary, QR scanner, Dragon Dictation, Google Translate, Siri.

New Applications folder: FreeAppaDay, appbzr, AppFree, AppAllStar, FreeAppLIst, i Like Free.

Google Places and Yelp: Reviews of places like Auto Mechanics.

Facebook and Twitter: Occasional use only, or you may become annoyed at all the idiocy.

WallpapersHD: A sort of mobile Flickr, not just for wallpapers, but for browsing through random images.

Photoshop Express: Simple filters and effects.

Virtuoso: A free virtual piano. Works great! I downloaded the electric guitar pack for a dollar.

iNews: RSS reader.

Color Effects: Desaturates an image and lets you paint in the original colors or add your own color.

DoodleBuddy: A quality, simple free drawing app I've found.

MeritumPaint: A fun painting application with a unique
expansion effect on whatever you draw.

Third page:

MyFont: Create your own .ttf font using the touchscreen.

Spy Cams: Assorted cameras from around the globe.

News icons: Alien Blue, Yahoo, NYTimes, AP Mobile, msnbc, USA today, CNET news, TIME mobile, CNNMoney, The Economist, Drudge Report, The Onion.

Fourth page:

White and Yellow Pages

Maps + Google Earth + Youtube

White Noise: Free sound generator.

What's on: TV listings

SoundHound: Detect a song based on how it sounds.

Pandora, Gamespot, Discovery News, CarBUZZ, Skyfire browser (for flash).

Fifth page


Angry Birds (fun for a minute or two, but overhyped), Laser Lights, Real Racing 2, Labyrinth and Labyrinth 2 Lite, Gangstar MV, Rage HD, TicTacFree, Brain Trainer, Impossible Test, Moron Test, Contract Killer, Pac-Man, Dead Space, Zombie Infection Free.

The only games here that are console quality are Dead Space and Real Racing 2, and maybe the Labyrinth games, but I only have the free versions of those.

Sixth page

IMDB, Go Daddy control panel, Paypal, Craigslist, Voice Plus (free voice changer!)

Seventh page

IGunPro, I-Gun: gimmicky gun simulators. Fun for thirty seconds.

Fitness Pro and Six Pack Abs: Quick exercise advice.

Waze and Mapquest: Backup GPS.

Eighth page

IconSkinsFree (backgrounds designed to fit around the icons) and CamWow (easy photo effects).
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