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*sigh* My uploader finally died. Need a new one

Was running Celerondude's v6beta2 for damn near 6 years now without a single hiccup. My host decides to change from Plesk to Parallels and my uploader conitnues to serve the pictures, but I then can't log into the uploader anymore. I try installing Celerondude's uploader v6.1 (last updated in 2005 lol), and I get to the install.php, which runs, and looks like this.

It worries me about the bottom 5 files. Those all have 600 permissions, and I've tried every way I know how to CHMOD them to 755 or even 777 for testing, and I get denied when doing it. I go ahead and hit the OK button and it does take me to the next step where I get to create my admin account, but when I try to register my new admin account, I give my username, new password, email, hit submit and get

Unable to load index data/users/index_names.php
It has to be the permissions on those 5 files, not allowing it to write to the index.
Anyone have a clue? I've asked my webhost to CHMOD those files for me, but I don't see that happening any time soon. I have a backup of all of my photos, so does anyone have another SIMPLE and free uploader script I can use to host all my pics for forums? I know CeleronDude was the man, but didn't either Verdant or Servoh make one as well? I'm not against trying those. I just need something.

I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....

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I've had to re-install celerondudes uploader a couple of times on my server due to stupid errors similar to yours :\

I just stuck with it
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I'm sure it's just those file permissions. Fack, time to beg/bug my host some more. I requested the change yesterday.
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....
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777 all appplicable folders ?

oh.. looks like ya have.. hmm.
try to manually install?
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