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Tex Arcana
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Originally Posted by J Mel View Post
So, ummm, remember me mentioning that the new car needs to be re-wired? Yeah, uhhh, I should probably get on that.

My dumb-ass caught the car on fire last weekend. Luckily it was only a little fire. Was going to car-show with wife...stopped for lunch first. Came out, she went to start the '51 and it went "click"...and nothing more. My first thought was battery...luckily, I was in the '27 and there was a parts store just up the road. Took battery out, and headed over there with intention to buy new battery. Had it tested, and its apparently damned near brand new. Battery was fine. Went back to car to check connections...maybe something got loose. Alternator looked fine, but didn't have jack to get under car to check starter. Layed on ground and felt around to see if i could find something loose.

Cars too low to get under it, and view was blocked by frame and suspension. Found loose wire....pulled it down to get a look...appeared to be battery cable...looks like it got loose, and got against manifold or exhaust and melted through. Started fiddling around with it, not thinking that wire was hot and it started to arc. Ended up touching it against transmission lines, it arc'ed and apparently blew a hole in the line. I'm unsure if tranny fluid is flamable...but it appears that it is. Either tranny fluid caught fire or there was oil in the vacinity. Couldn't see flames, only glow of fire which seemed to be getting bigger. Let out a Homer-esk scream - as i attempted to beat out flames (blind) as well as avoid getting bit by the battery cable which was still arc' wife was in the car hollering "whats that smell, and why is there smoke". Not wanting a 3rd problem on my hand (her yelling at me as her car burns to the ground)...i tell her nothing, don't worry about it, as i'm secretly starting to panic a bit. Got wire away from metal, and got fire out...then got to enjoy watching a very strong and steady stream of tranny fluid pouring out of car.

Ended up calling father-in-law who brought floor jack. Got to replace battery cable, a couple of terminals that burned up, and fix transmission leak in the middle of the parking lot. I don't think the fine folks at SpringCreek BBQ appreciated the 3+ qts of slippery red fluids that i left in the parking lot.

I guess I have my weekend project for next week.

, absolutely awesome story! Too bad you didn't think to get pictures.

And makes the case for a proper minimalist set of tools in the trunk FOR HER. If she has a flat, she ain't changin' it without a jack. So get ye to the nearest Harbor Frieght for a good lightweight floor jack, and some basic tools. I'd suggest a fire extinguisher, but if you have full coverage, the best thing to do is let it burn to the ground, otherwise they'll Jew you and pay for something like the battery cable only, and not the damage. if you have just minimum liability, on the other hand, I'd make damn sure an extinguisher is within easy reach.
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J Mel
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Yeah...definitely need some basic tools for that car. And need a more organized way to carry my tools in the roadster. All shoved in a hand bag - pain in the ass to find anything when i need it....usually end up just getting frustrated and dumping the whole thing in the car seat trying to find what i need.

I'm full of stories of me doing something retarded with these cars. I'm a genius in hindsight, but only in hindsight. Tend to not think enough moves ahead and get myself into trouble.

For instance...the '51 isn't the first car that I've caught fire. I was replacing the carb on the '27...when undoing the fuel lines, obviously there was some spillage on the manifold. As i was putting the new carb on, i happened to notice my alternator bracket was broken. Meh...i don't need to take it off, i can just reweld while its still mounted on the car.

Did you know that sparks from a welder can ignite gas? I do now. Picture another Homer-esk scream as the towel sitting on my manifold that was used to soak up the spilled gasoline lit up like the Hindenburg.

I should start a thread on here...imagine I'm not the only one who has stories from being a mindless retard.
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